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Why aren't the gay guys kissing on 'As the World Turns'?

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A while back we wrote about the campaign by "Jericho" fans to save the series from cancellation — they sent thousands of nuts to CBS execs (related to a line in the season finale). Now fans of the soap opera "As the World Turns" are gearing up to send kisses to CBS execs. Hershey's kisses, that is. Fill in your own Reeses joke here ...

Fans of the fictional romance between Luke Snyder and Noah Mayer are baffled about why the two characters haven’t kissed on-screen since September, wondering whether it’s a sign of squeamishness by CBS or show sponsors Procter & Gamble Co.

The fans have started a letter-writing campaign, posted an online petition and even have a Web site that counts the days, hours, minutes and seconds since Luke and Noah last locked lips.

Valentine’s Day featured fantasy sequences involving several of the show’s couples. All the stories ended in a kiss, except for Luke and Noah’s. They hugged.

That’s when the campaign started, suggested by a reader of, to send Hershey's kisses to Barbara Bloom, the senior vice president of daytime programs at CBS.

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