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When you're not watching TV, you're watching the YouTube Awards winners

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Winners were announced today in the 2007 YouTube Video Awards.

The winners were a little surprising. Expected viral stars such as Obama Girl and that hysterical "leave Britney alone!" whiner did not earn honors. Take a look at the winners here...

In the Adorable category:
"Laughing Baby"

In the Comedy category:
"Potter puppet pals"

In the Commentary category:
"LonelyGirl15 is Dead"

In the Creative category:
"The Original Human TETRIS"

In the Eyewitness category:
"Battle at Kruger"

In the Inspirational category:
"Blind Painter"

In the Instructional category:
"How to Solve a Rubik's Cube"

In the Music category:
"Chocolate Rain"

In the Politics category:
"Stop the Clash of Civilizations"

In the Series category:
"The Guild: Episode One"

In the Short Film category:
"my name is lisa"

In the Sports category:
"Balloon Bowl"

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