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There is no "I" in Beatles

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Brooke White played piano on the Beatles' last single released, "Let It Be." It's a bit boring, but the judged dug it.

"It was one of the best performances of the night," Cowell said.

David Hernandez apparently put himself through college a pizza parlor. He performed "I Saw Her Standing There." Jackson thought Hernandez put too much vocal flourish in it. Cowell was even more blunt.
"That was corny version bordering on desperate," Cowell said. "It just wasn't very cool."

Amanda Overmyer also rocked with the lesser-known "You Can't Do That" (the B-side of "A Hard Day's Night")

"You took a Beatles song and took it to a southern bar and rocked it out," Jackson said.

Michael Johns takes on what Lennon regarded as one of his favorite Beatles songs, "Across the Universe."
Abdul thought it was a brilliant performance, but she was only one.

"I was waiting for something big to happen," Jackson said.

"We still haven't heard of what you are capable of doing," Cowell added.

Kristy Lee Cook changed "Eight Days a Week" into a country song and seemed to rush through it.

"I thought it was horrendous. You sounded like Dolly Parton on helium."

David Archuleta couldn't seem to work out the lyrics of "We Can Work It Out."

"This kind of vibe isn't your kind of vibe," Jackson said.

"That was a mess," Cowell said. "At this point in the competition, I expect incredible performances and this was your worst performance so far."

My bet for who is gone: Kristy Lee Cook's duck is cooked Southern style.

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Some nice performances but Paul McCartney has nothing to worry about. None of the contestants have his vocal virtuosity.

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