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The 'Jericho' alternate ending, and its possible new beginning

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Fellow "Jericho" fans certainly exploded from the woodwork yesterday when I posted a final word about the canceled CBS drama — but there's one more final, final word...

TV Guide interviewed series producer Carol Barbee, who discusses the alternate ending that was filmed for the finale, just in case it was a season finale and not a series finale. Hawkins apparently was going to sacrifice himself to let Jake escape with the bomb — but not the ultimate sacrifice. If a third season had been greenlighted, we would have returned to find he'd been captured, and the rest of the season would have centered on Jake trying to free him. Either way, Texas got the bomb and the civil war started.

She also speaks optimistically of shopping the series to a cable network. Wait and see.

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I can only hope.

As I said on your other "Jericho" entry, the network showed an uncharacteristic courage by 'greenlighting' the show to begin with. It's far easier for any network to get the Great Unwashed to stare at 'reality' TV than to script and shoot a good story, told well.

Again, we can hope they place this one with a network who cares to see it through.

Question is, with things as they are, who will that be?

I am a fan of the series. I watched on and I am watching again on scifi channel. The problem: Soooo dramatic and veeeery sloooooow plot. I really hope the writers can revamp the series and have a better marketing campaign. Maybe they need me.

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