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Sifting through the ashes of 'Jericho'

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Jake Green (Skeet Ulrich, left) and brother Eric Green (Kenneth Mitchell) weren't strong enough to hold Jericho, the town or the series, together. (CBS)

A Los Angeles Times blogger yesterday attempted to examine the various reasons why "Jericho" — the nuclear-aftermath drama CBS canceled and then brought back for a second try this spring to appease rabid fans — finally imploded and aired its series finale (for good this time, we mean it, really) last night. The writer discusses myriad business issues — the strike, the time slot, network decisions, etc. — but utterly ignores the one thing we too often overlook in these discussions, and the one thing that really matters when it comes to ratings: the story.

This kind of practical analysis is fine for the business pages, but there are artistic elements to the entertainment we can't get into the habit of ignoring. Simply put, the story on this new "season" of "Jericho" was weak.

The show was beloved in its first go-round because, I think, it was a tale of true patriotism and America's core values (and it creeps me out a little to write those phrases, given how they've been so commonly co-opted by the right wing as rhetorical weapons). It had (again, shudder) family values. It was a story of what really matters in people's personal lives; the political stuff was a vehicle for that. But when it came back, the political vehicle was a runaway train. It became just a sub-Tom Clancy political thriller, with a byzantine plot that involved shadowy figures and conspiracies — absent of the real people with real motivations that made the first season so engaging.

Last night's finale sealed things off ably enough — even despite what had become this season's trademark leaps in logic (and, man, travel time between Cheyenne, Wyo., and Jericho, Kan., must be among the best airline service in world history) — and ended things on a broader note of American values (freedom, truth, justice, if anyone remembers those). It was disappointing only for those of us who wished the show would go on.

But that disappointment set in long ago, and I think most fans would admit that the loss of Gerald McRaney (his character was killed at the end of season one) was the real death blow to this show. His character's son, our hero Jake (Skeet Ulrich), couldn't hold the center, especially while splitting the moral high ground with his brother, whose personal flaws overcame his sympathetic qualities too early in the story. And when they killed Bonnie for, apparently, no good reason, well, the humanity had clearly leaked out of the story.

(There's actually a business aspect to how that happened: The show's original writers did not return for this second season. After the show's cancellation, they moved to another new series, and when the show was renewed they were stuck in contracts for that other show and couldn't escape. So the source material in their heads likely was lost.)

So "Jericho" joins the heap of other great series that died prematurely (see "Invasion," "Sports Night," "Wonderfalls," etc. etc.). It's still available on the CBS web site and likely will remain there for a while. Meanwhile, we'll be watching YouTube, hoping the alternate, cliffhanger ending that was filmed (in hopes a third season would be picked up) is eventually leaked. It would be interesting to see in which direction they intended to point the show.

There are rumors, of course, that "Jericho" could find new life on cable, but the show's high production costs surely will prevent that. What should really be considered, though, is the route taken by a show like the clever and funny sci-fi series "Firefly," which misfired on the small screen for one beautiful season but then was reborn in a spectacular feature film on the big screen ("Serenity"). No matter who wins the election in November, an action-packed movie about a divided America struggling to remember and instill its core values would surely ring true — and ring box office cash registers.

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Ashes to ashes, funk to funky
We know major toms a junkie
Strung out in heavens high
Hitting an all-time low

I think that CBS deliberately sank this show. I don't think it wanted to renew it for a second season and so decided to air on Tuesday nights at 10PM. What were they thinking? I'm still in shock over their decision to give the show's first season a three-month hiatus. Another sure way to kill the show.

Despite a fantastic premiere, "JERICHO" struck me as being . . . okay during its early episodes, until it aired "Rogue River". This is when the series started to hit its stride and never looked back in terms of quality. Granted, some of the character developments were put to the wayside in favor of a more plot driven story during Season 2. But it is easy to understand why. CBS only alloted seven episodes and ordered the show's producers to end the story in the seventh episode. I'm surprised that anyone would expect "JERICHO" to maintain some of its character developments with that hanging over its head.

Yet, despite Season 2 being more plot driven, it still managed to be an outstanding season. In my opinion, I found it superior to the more adulated "LOST", which had twice the number of episodes during the same television season (2007-08). But since "JERICHO" suffered from low Nielsen ratings and the CBS executives conventiently ignored the show's high ratings on the Internet and !I Pod downloads, naturally it got axed. And naturally certain critics want to blame the show's writing, instead of the television executives who deliberately scheduled the series in a time slot that was destined to kill it with bad ratings.

Do you know what I cannot believe? That people are surprised that Jericho was cancelled! Wake up and realize that network programming is controlled by a target audience and the ratings they receive from programs. It is lame and very sad when to discover that our fat, mindless, American brethren control the programming we watch and these lazy zombies crave one thing reality television. Therefore, this is the part where I would personally like to thank television programs such as, Unsolved Mysteries, (Shatner) Rescue 911, and Cops for making thoughtless reality television part of our everyday lives. Oh and thanks to the idiots that stare emotionlessly at their televisions while these programs are on. You know who you are, you are the people who are too lazy to enjoy life for yourselves, and instead you find pleasure in watching the lives of others unfold through an idiot box. Now time for a great, big, bottom-of-the-heart thank you to CBS for canning a great show, or should I refer to you by your parent company name, Viacom. Jericho was great at invoking emotion and that is what well-written screenplays do, invoke emotion. I am personally boycotting anything owned by Viacom until Jericho is brought back. If any others wish to join with me in this boycott here is a list of Viacom’s assets: CBS Networks, MTV Networks, BET Networks, Paramount Pictures, Paramount Home Entertainment and DreamWorks.

MTV Networks: MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, Nick at Nite, COMEDY CENTRAL, CMT: Country Music Television, Spike TV, TV Land, Logo

Digital assets: Neopets, Xfire, Atom Entertainment, Harmonix and Quizilla

BET Networks: BET, BET J, BET Gospel, BET Hip Hop,, BET Mobile, BET Event Productions and BET International

Paramount Pictures Corporation: Paramount Pictures, Paramount Vantage, MTV Films, Nickelodeon Movies, DreamWorks and Paramount Home Entertainment.

For a complete listing, research Viacom. Oh, when I say thanks in the preceding letter I mean F*@K OFF!

I cannot believe that CBS did not pick up Jericho for another season. It was fresh, creative and exciting----great characters and great actors to portray those characters. I absolutely loved the show----as much as LOST----and never missed it. I am worn out with murder investigations, sex, and sitcoms that aren't really funny. CBS created a gem and then just threw it away. They never gave it a real chance. I think they knew from the beginning of the time they picked it back up that they were going to cancel it again because they rushed the story. I also fail to believe it got poor ratings because I was looking a web page that listed the 10 ten shows in April and Jericho was #7. (Survivor was #1) I think CBS has really dropped the ball. I can only hope that Sci-Fi picks it up. I don't have cable but I'll get it just to watch Jericho it that happens.

This show was great from day 1. I think there needs to be a season 3 to lash out the civil war. Also I think if the had to end for good that season two be extended to the point where things were back to normal.

I'm sorry CBS refused to believe in this show. I am done believing in CBS. Jericho was the most engaging show CBS or any network has on. They killed the show with the hiatus during season 1. Now 7 episodes that were great but were way to fast for any character development. I put the blame on CBS one day you will look down at your numbers and regret this decision.

I guess I'm posting a comment to somehow add to the fan promotion that this show be picked up elsewhere. I actually didn't watch Season 1 until four episodes aired on cable, afterwhich I was hooked. So hooked I rented the rest of Season 1 on DVD to get caught up. I missed the premiere of Season 2 and watched on and never missed a following episode. These are things I've never done in the past (including posting on an entertainment blog), showing how much I loved the show.

Can CBS actually think it gave this show a chance airing it along side two popular reality series? I guess the show is considered "expensive" given that they actually have to pay actors and shoot scenes outdoors compared to reality shows that require limited writing, real actors, and a lot of studio shooting.

Please someone pick up this show!

Well it all started when a friend told me: you should watch the series, its as good as prison break or heroes.
And yes it was.
When season 2 aired( and there were no heroes nor prison break) i thought that cbs people were clever enought to keep a full 22 episodes of the series. But no.
The actors were great and plot fantastic.
Its a pity that the show got cancelled but what can we do?

Jericho was hard to find in UK until it eventually turned up on ITV 2. That said, I know several people who were hooked on it. I remember several shows that had finance from UK channels and this could perhaps be something that could help keep the show going.
Gutted it has been cancelled again though, these Neilson ratings you guys rely on seem to kill off a lot of really good shows and keep a lot of rubbish on the screens.

As a viewer from Australia I never counted as a viewer as far as CBS was concerned. I have to admit I downloaded the whole series after missing the start of Ep 1. Totally engrossing viewing! A series that actually made you think! Intriguing stortlines. Well written, well produced, well acted.
Thanks to all involved in the making of Jericho, hope to see you back soon.

It was a great show. It was also on at a horrible time slot-I had to tape it as around 10:00 I am off to bed. I have a feeling the average Neilson family is not representative of the true number of viewers. Did CBS really ever give the show a chance????

It was a great show. It was also on at a horrible time slot-I had to tape it as around 10:00 I am off to bed. I have a feeling the average Neilson family is not representative of the true number of viewers. Did CBS really ever give the show a chance????

I thought that Jericho was great. Both seasons were full of suspense, & the acting & storyline were great. Let's hope that another network is smart enough to pick it up & give us season 3. I'd love to see the story continue. Bring back Jericho!

I'm sorry, Mr. Connor, that the words "patriotism", "core values" and "family values" make you uncomfortable. Could your discomfort be caused by something other than the so-called "co-opting" of those terms by the right? Could it be those words and concepts are simply not in vogue with your latte-left world view? This country was not made and maintained by self-important elitists sitting around Starbucks deprecating everything that is good about their nation. It was done by people who exercised those qualities that you so easily sneer at.

I hate they cancelled Jericho also. I hope someone picks it up. Maybe, like previously suggested, the SciFi channel. I would def. still watch.

Maybe they should put CSI: infront of Jericho, that's the only thing that keeps CSI:NY on the air. Or how about Law & Order:Jericho? That has a nice ring to it! They could make it a reality show (since we don't already have enough of those!), Big Brother:Jericho! CBS, you suck! You finally get something with a fresh idea, and you do everything you can to kill it. I hope HBO or another cable station picks it up and shoves it down your smug throat!

Save Jericho!!!!!!!!!

CBS is foolish. I loved this show. Only thing worth watching besides LOST on tv.
Jericho time slot is being replaced with another stupid reality show called "Secrets of the Stars". Just what we need. Another mindless thing on TV. Sad thing is that I bet more people will watch it.

I wish season one had been as fast paced as, seven ep season two.
this show was great i will miss it. Cbs is just stupid.

i am a big 24 fan and have personally found jericho to be rated right up there with that particular show. i will find it very difficult to continue watching a network such as cbs, who continually keeps disappointing its audience. SAVE JERICHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next up from CBS: CSI West Virginia

Only other show I ever continually watched was West Wing, and come to find out some of the production people who worked on West Wing wound up with Jericho. Coincidence? Probably not. Quality matters, and you don't need dancing, singing or suitcases to have it.

I'm actually really sorry I used google news search to come across the tripe of an article on a fantastic show. Even more offensive is the utterly pathetic attempts at some sort of political commentary by the author. God forbid a show has "family values!" Are those so offensive to you, Mr. Connor? Valuing your family? Valuing relationships? Valuing your parents, siblings and relatives above all else? A healthy, stable loving family must truly be wretched! Even worse, there were 'over tones' of "right-wing" co-opted themes like "patriotism." Gasp! Is it impossible to believe that "family values" and American ideals transcend your blatant and laughably pedestrian liberal views? You did not even bother to pick up on the social commentary in the show! It was more in line with your obvious knee jerk liberalism than I imagine, what you think, is my backwards 'conservatism." Yet I, despite being one of those uninformed "right wingers", love this show and hope that it comes back. I shudder at the thought you might post more asinine commentary like this. On the other hand, I found this on some no name blog I'll probably never read again.

Why does every random newspaper columnist and blogger seem to work in a knock against the "right wing" in everything from Arts stories to Sports stories?

Don't you realize that half the voting population every single year is Republican? Ever notice how a 60/40 presidential election split would be considered a LAND SLIDE, because it's virtually impossible to not have about half the voters on the other side?

This country is every bit as right wing as it is left wing, and YOU should get used to the fact that WE are for the most part just like YOU - decent, hard working Americans.

Like our party has a monopoly on the occasional lousy president.

I have to disagree with you.

While the original writers hit everyone upside the head from episode one of the first season, the writers who put together the second season extrapolated the show in the only direction it could be taken: Toward the new government in Cheyenne; the implications of Jennings and Rall/Ravenwood (a thin veil over Halliburton/Blackwater), and the high price and consequence of failure to reunite the nation.

The second-season writers created far more than a 'sub-Tom Clancy' story - they created a piece of genuine alternate-history.

Alternate-history is a genre which is gaining broad appeal nowadays, on several levels for many reasons.

"Jericho" had evolved into genuine programming which was not written for the "Idol"-worshippers. This was serious writing, done by people who had a hell of a story to tell -- and who told it well, with no apologies.

I have to agree with you in this -- no other network will have the courage to pick it up. Compared to 'Big Brother', 'Survivor', and other schlock, 'Jericho' had high production costs -- telling a story always involves expenditure, and networks know they can gain the Great Unwashed to stare at the tube in droves by producing cheap 'reality' series.

HBO learned this with "Carnivale" and "Rome". CBS learned it with "Jericho".

What us diehard "Jericho" fans should do is be glad we have one and a third seasons of good programming - and be equally amazed that a network had the courage to 'greenlight' it at all.

I also have never commented about a show on a blog. Hell, I don't even watch TV, cause I don't get any channels in my house. But I watch Jericho every week. I agree Mr. Connor is a bit pompous in criticizing the show. Had people known about it, it would have been a success. Had it been a success, I suspect he would be gushing about Ulrich right. For what it is worth, Any network that puts this show on will have my gratitude. Any company that advertises on the show will have my patronage. Any movie house that puts it on the big screen will have my eight bucks.

As a middle-aged, middle-class, family man, I appreciated taht there was a show that families could watch, that was not full of graphic violence, sexual inuendos for the sake of doing it, and no moral values. The show was a great talking point for so much, including patriotism. The sad thing is that CBS apparently values a show about a serial killer a sthe 'hero', more than a show about issues and moral dimenas.

Jericho is one of the best shows I have ever watched. The characters felt like family - we shared their lives for only two short seasons - and for CBS to bring it back around for only 7 episodes made no sense. I, as many other Jericho fans, hope that SciFi will pick this series up and we can continue where we left off. The cast was amazing - the story was incredible and it was so refreshing to see something on television that had nothing to do with dysfunctional people - I am tired of all the crazy people on tv! I know it's the "thing" now a days, but how about thought-provoking shows like Jericho - you had to think about each episode and put yourself in the shoes of those in Jericho - I am so upset over the cancellation - but hope and pray that Carol will be able to take it to another station where they actually appreciate not only the show - but the fans that are dedicated to it heart and soul.

Love live Jericho!
-Stephanie (Pittsburgh, PA)

never watched lost or prison break, stopped watching 24 to download and watch the hawkins show what a great carachter to loose such a shame this really was good tv and its good to see all these positive posts i really hope having not watchs s2 ep6 or ep7 yet that some one somewhere can revive this want to see hawkins make jack bauer look like a school girl really sorry this is gone. also think here in the uk we only got a few episodes and from there i downloaded it all never got s2 on tv.

phill h, england no1 hawkins show fan

Loved the show. Its a shame they have canceled it again. You know how many people have a DVR now a days? There stuff doesnt track the people that record it and watch it later. They really should figure out how to do that. If they dont already. Plus if it was family oriented why do these people not see this. Also it would be nice to see them pack a third season into a two to three hour long move(it would atleast tie up them loose ends). Notice they didnt get the real traitor he got away and jake never killed him. Cmon they left it hanging again, get real or ill write a book for the third season!

Weak?? Trainwreck??

PLEASE!! Are you talking about Jericho or are you talking about America's news channels? Look, Jericho is the ONLY TV series that I have EVER watched religously every week. It is a great story! I am VERY disappointed that it has been canceled... AGAIN. The thing is, all of the rich people whose homes contain the ratings boxes for cable stations would rather watch DANCING WITH THE STARS! Has America gone mad??!! This was an excellent show... and if another station does not pick it up, I would be willing to buy DVDs of the episodes (I have them now, anyway). Really sad.

With all the resourses like comcast making it avaiable to watch at another time because of peoples hectic lifes and not being able to watch it in its nomal time slot, its really strange on why rating really count anymore. Its obvious you can't compare with these type of shows to other ones who don't have that avenue outside of a DVR. I believe this was a great show and it could go into so many directions if CBS would have let it grow and be a little for patient so it really good develope into a trully great show. To Bad our loss.

ok i was looking at tv shows on the internet one day and i found jericho about a months ago. i was hooked on the show since the first episode and i watched the whole first season online in about two weeks. i didnt know much about jericho at all and when i finally caught up to the new episodes and heard that it got cancelled and it was going to be cancelled again i couldnt believe it. this was hands down my favorite show and i would love it if it was continued anywhere it wouldnt really matter. any network that picked it up would gain another 7 million viewers. even if it was HBO it would be worth the money

Jericho was the only show on TV I cared about. I don't watch much TV and heard about the show on an internet forum. Like a previous poster said of himself, he was surprised how excited he was about because it takes a special show to do that. I had the same feeling exactly. No other show I've seen or heard of catered to me like Jericho.

"Don't Tread on Me"

No screed this time, just support for one of the greatest shows ever. I will miss it. Yeah the ending seemed rushed, but what do you do when you have so much to cover in a short time? At least CBS had the smallest amount of courtesy and respect for it's obviously devoted followers in giving us a sort-of-a-conclusion.

I'm also one of the NUTS brigade. Hasn't anyone set up a campaign to lobby Sci-Fi, TNT, HBO and Showtime to pick it up? I'd think a guaranteed viewrship of 6.8 million a week would be appealing to them.

Anyway, here's to ye, good town of Jericho, we barely knew ye.

I don't really understand the ratings system. It occurs to me that possibly somebody saw correlations between the way things could be, in real life, and in the way the show ran. I don't see that the show was physically that expensive to produce. Before the first show aired, I was dubious of the plot and couldn't see how such a storyline could be sustainable. Granted, there has been a great dirth of TV this season with the writers strike, but one way or the other, I found myself waiting all week for the next episode. Every character, no matter how small the part, was believable and likable. A big cast I'll admit, with as many as 16+ regulars (Off the top of my head) every one a nice touch and an important part of the story.
I never even watched more than one episode of "Heroes" or "Lost", but I never missed one episode of "Jericho"

I am sad to see this show go. Was mad when Enterprise was not showing on Sci Fi one Monday night and they started showing Jericho. Was thinking how dare they show this stupid show....then...I watched it and by the end of the second show I was hooked. Went out and bought it on DVD and started watching the second season only to have stupid CBS cancel it. Well good bye CBS. I think Sci Fi should pick it up. Could run it on a Friday with Atlantis or some of their other shows. I do agree that CBS is mostly at fault here. Changing the time...cutting the season so short....I do think this show should have been giving more of a second chance....I think this show showed the best and worst out of people in a horrible situation....

I too, will miss Jericho. Well crafted and acted. But the 07-08 television season was so screwed up by the writer's strike, and CBS did nothing to promote the show while hyping all the reality garbage it was putting on.

But the show was real, showing people just trying to survive in a post holocaust world. Viewers could identify with them.

That said, I know it's over and the ending was satisfying.

Before the 500 channel universe, shows like Jericho would have survived and even thrived. But 6 million viewers just doesn't cut it anymore.

Although it seems to be enough for Katie Couric to keep her job.

I agree that Jericho was a rare gem in a sea of reality garbage. I also agree that the second season left me wanting but I do believe it is because CBS was unwilling to pay the money they needed to in order to make the show great. The writers on the show were brilliant and I will pay attention to what they do in the future.

I would love to see a Jericho movie. I really felt like there was so much more they could have done with the show. So sad... another good show bites the dust because people are too dumb to watch.

I enjoy the episodes of Jericho. I wish it would continue

Jericho was one of the Best TV Shows on American Television in a long, long time.....
I can only reiterate what many of the bloggers mentioned above: Jericho was special - great writing, great acting performances, season 2 was incredibly suspenseful and just overall a thought provoking show that dared to be different....
The reason why it was canceled? The list is too long....
First of all, if CBS really wanted to continue the story, they should have capitalized on the buzz last summer and should have lined up Jericho in the fall at a 8.00 p.m. time slot.... they should have realized WHO their audience is.... and lined it up with similar shows, such as The Unit or maybe even a procedural crime drama....putting Jericho on air after Big Brother is just a big joke....the list goes on and on.....
I always wonder WHO those people at the Big Networks, who make the decisions about time slots, line up, hiatus, etc.... None of them really seem to understand basic consumer behavior and marketing principles...
I will miss Jericho very much and will fight for it to be moved to another network!!!

Ditto, i agree with pretty much everything send above. Jericho was a smart, well written and incredibly well acted show. i really am hoping another network will pick it up. here is a link to a petition for SciFi channel to pick Jericho up.

hope it works. and i too would pay for HBO or Showtime if they picked up Jericho. Thanks to the cast and crew for making us think every week.

Sci-Fi is already showing the reruns from the beginning - could it be a precursor to them continuing the show? This and LOST are the only two shows my husband and I watched on regular TV. Great ending - you knew it was the end.

My comment to Ellen was in fact meant for Adam. What can I say, I must be a stupid American. Tony, I don't think the Red vs Blue thing is too subtle. What I find most revolting about Red Vs Blue is that distinction was invented by the TV News Media and then about a year ago a few in that same medium that invented it started preaching to people that we 'shouldn't think of ourselves that way.' I've got news for you, we don't and never did. I don't think there's a revolution coming. The people of this country are not split as some people (apparently yourself) seem to think. We have people on the extreme left (say 10% of the population) people on the extreme right (say 10% more of the population) and those who make up the continuum between them, say 80% of the population. I'm an 80%er myself. I find both extremes distasteful. If there's a revolution it will be the center kicking out both extremes.

To my Canadian friends here. Get over it. If you don't like the politics of the US either become a citizen here or shut the hell up. I don't got to Canadian newspaper websites and criticize your government. Your LAST government had some real a-holes running it. I love when a government official in a foreign country calls us a bunch of donkeys (use the bad word for donkey) about one day after a bunch of people die in a terrorist attack.
But I didn't say a word to a single canadian. Its your government, so its your problem. You get the government you deserve. And yours looks like mine, only smoking crack, what is your tax rate now? 60%. I heard that free health care is going to start costing you money soon. I guess its a good thing you don't waste all that money on defense since you have us to handle that for you. Seriously I love Canada and its friendly people. I think I make my point, you do not want to hear me complaining about YOUR country because its Your country and therefore your problem. If you want to argue that what America does effects your business, well its true about any country isn't it? I can point out that its our porous border with Canada that got those monsters into my country in the first place. And they went to Canada because its easier to sneak into Canada then sneak into the US, then to try to sneak into the US. But I don't blame Canada for this (Oh my, its turning into an episode of South Park here). You cannot be both free and safe. Keep your complaining about the US to yourself, this is a blog on TV shows. Find a nice we all hate the US blog somewhere and vent that crap there.

In my post above, I originally phrased the parenthetical sentences incorrectly. I've now fixed that. The show's original writer/creators were lost between its cancellation and renewal, not during the writers strike itself. (Indeed, you'd think the show would've *benefitted* from the strike, being some of the only fresh programming to show up in February.) Jonathan Steinberg did, however, have a hand in writing the finale.

The final season was set up for failure by the networks. It was a great show in a great time spot for the first season, It is too bad that a great show was blackballed by those who think it was too controversial. I am glad to know that there are so many who feel the same as we do.

As of Tuesday I have just watched my last show on CBS. Bring on Showtime.

What about TNT. They have done a great job with The Closer and Saving Grace. Maybe they would like to take it on. I certainly would watch it. I watched it every week but had to TIVO because of work. I think it is absurd that TIVO'd or DVR'd programs don't count as ratings. Hell, I'll even watch the commercials if that will bring it back.

I am totally into this show!
I want it to get it picked up by Sci-Fi or some network.
This show has great acting and great scripts!

Its interesting to see how worthless the Neilsen rating system is. It said that only 6 million people watched the finale. How is that possible? Also it stated Big brother rated better....impossible. The time it was on and the different writers was its downfall. I love the show and will not watch CBS at all due to their lack of having ANY good shows on...same for all the other primetime networks (except 24).

I am praying it goes to another network.

Too bad, it's a great show. No doubt whatever CBS puts in that time slot next fall will fail. Hopefully, a USA,TNT,Fox,Sci-Fi type outlet will pick it up since it already has a dedicated fan base.

I TOTALLY blame CBS for what happened to Jericho! Their scheduling of this show was horrible, no wonder it couldn't draw a larger audience.

I LOVED this show from the first episode and looked forward to seeing what happened next each week. I especially enjoyed the emotion it invoked, at least for me. I found myself terribly moved by the gains and the losses of the residents of Jericho and I loved the ending because although it ties ends for now, it opens so many doors for future story lines.

Kudos to the cast, crew, and writers. I LOVED what you did and hope I will see more in the future; whether it be a movie or cable.

From a San Antonian, long live TEXAS!

CBS what a bunch of idiots you are just like nbc did in the sixties with star trek you've done now to Jericho. When they cancelled star trek after two seasons the fans wrote letters. It was brought back for a third season, but NBC did everything it could to cancel it , cutting the budget,CHANGING ITS TIME SLOT to a less than favorable one eventually causing the show to fail. Now CBS did the same ,yes you brought it back, but come on 7 episodes. Get real thats just a tease, and of course lets not forget that it was placed in a poor time slot. Its like you tv executives dont give a damn about us the veiwers. You sit in your offices and think we want to watch reality tv or 4 incarnations of CSI well i think you should ask us and pull your heads out.

I was hooked on the first...until I saw the episode where the two female leads went into a bar late at night and proceeded to get drunk. This, while their big brave men were busy putting their lives on the line by preventing some army jerks from coming into the town. What sort of women were they not to know what was going on in their town and not be standing next to their men on the line. Obviously written by men for men where women are "girls" that need protecting. Yuck!!!!

I always knew it was a good show but never got the time to watch it. When i heard it was coming back I actually spent my last two Sundays watching 9 hours of this show is was really impressed and enthralled with it. The last great show that I loved that was canceled was Arrested Development. I think I'm bit jaded by that and WE wanted the same thing for our show but never got it. I'm sorry that our expectations are so easily overlooked. God Bless Jericho.

What a bummer!!!!!

The producers were under such budget constraints in Season Two, it was amazing that they could squeeze in any storyline. I thoroughly enjoyed Season Two (in high speed), and looked forward to a "normal" Season Three with the intrigue of government conspiracies *and* the every day relationships and challenges of the townspeople.

Looking back, it seems obvious that Season Two was only intended as a 7 episode mini-series. However, for those who have not seen "Jericho," I highly recommend Season One online or on DVD.

I had heard tremendous hype on Jericho and rented the first season on DVD. I was extremely impressed with the first season. Some references were brazen and bold like episodes regarding the mercs of Ravenwood and their being a slam against modern day Blackwater. Other plots were subtle but got clearer as the first season went on such as the nuclear attacks being home grown ala Timothy McVeigh style. One subtlety most did not pick up on was the splitting up of the U.S. into the Allied States and the United States with the former being the western half in red and the latter half in blue. Western/midwestern states are mostly conservative and eastern states are mostly liberal. The implications of a coming civil war between an ideological liberal and conservative America have been preached by some of us (like me)for 20 years. I believe the columnist was right when he said the 2nd "season" moved too quickly. The Bastogne stand of Jericho against New Bern. The occupation of the town by a breakaway government. The death of the deaf sister. Jericho and New Bern perhaps putting aside differences to fight the greater evil. A coming civil war. These were definitely meant for more than 7 episodes. The old writers may have only addressed enough of these issues to keep things hanging and left us with a cliffhanger. The new writers were obviously trying to cram 22-24 episodes worth of plot into 7 shows. What a shame. And what of the coming civil war between red and blue states? The battalion of occupational troops in Jericho had rebelled against their own breakaway government. A fight was coming again. An entire 3rd season could have been built around this plot line of Jericho. This wonderful series will obviously be left unresolved and doomed to the vaults of cancellation, unless perhaps picked up by HBO. It seems CBS and its writers doomed Jericho and not the actors or the premise of the show itself. Protesting to CBS will probably not bring the show back. Jericho fans would probably be better off in petitioning HBO or SCI-FI to pick up the show.

CBS cancelling this show is just another example of the idiotic bean counters at their best. In a time when reality shows featuring over-the-hill has-beens, wanna-be's, and complete morons dominate the programming, it was enjoyable to watch a smartly written show with good acting and the fortitude to not always be "politically correct."
For the first time in as long as I can remember, I actually made it a point to remember when a show was scheduled. I mean, how can you cancel "Jake", "Hawkins", and "Emily" (my personal favorite!)? If any cable network picks this show up, I will pledge my personal lifetime allegiance.

My roommate and I bought a DVR just for Jericho, we are die hard sports fans but never record a game. No other shows we have set on record. We hate all reality showS! Someone please pick up on's the best dam thing on tv...of course im the guy who wants more hockey on tv...come on espn...i need my share of hockey too!!!!!

I started watch JERICHO because I heard GERALD MCRANEY was going to be in it. I'd watch him read the phone book! I was devastated when his character died and the show suffered terribly without him. Still, I think that MOST of the rest of the cast did a terrific job in season two, especially Skeet, Lennie, Shoshannah and Alicia. I missed Ashley and some of the other cast that we'd come to love during the first season. And, while the second season WAS rushed and seemed rushed, I am still heart-broken that CBS canceled the show.

I live in Canada, and couldn't care less about 'American Pride' or the social commentary on the war, thats costing so much. I like Jericho, because it's ENTERTAINING, which is something that is hard to come by on TV lately. I like it because of the thought put into the characters, their backstories, and how they interact and react to each other, and the situation the writers put them in, not because not because it's trying to say something about America. Perhaps I also like it beacuse of what is says about the WORLD and the direction HUMANITY is taking

People should e-mail all the sponsors that advertised last night. Tell them you and your families will no longer use their products as long as they advertise on CBS. Tell them if the show is picked up by another network you will reconsider their products again, but not until. Also, word of mouth is the best advertising. tell them that you will tell friends, co-workers, neighbors, people at church and organizations that you belong to not to use their products. Obviously, CBS doesn't care about their programming, they used to be #1, but look at them now. So the only way to get their attention is hit in the pocketbook. Reducing their advertising revenue, believe me, will get their attention. Bet they won't let this cpmment stay on the website for long, so copy it quickly, and when they ban me, keep re-posting it until they are sick of us. Take some action. Jericho was an excellent program, and the only thing close to Lost or 24 that they had for entertainment. Moves like this one is why they are no longer #1 and going still going down.

I can't believe CBS did it again. I love Jericho, I really looked forward to watching it. I just got through watching the last episode (I am one of those uncounted DVR people who watches when it is convenient...)and I feel sick that I won't be able to see any more new episodes. It will take a long time for the wound that CBS left in my back to heal. Really, they have room for three CSI shows, but not one Jericho? CBS can ball it's remaining programming up and ram it where the sun doesn't shine.

I absolutely loved this show. I watch very little network tv, most of it sickens me. Even the news is choreographed. When I watched the first episode of Jericho, I thought then that this show would not stay on the air for long. There's more to this cancellation than a weak viewership. I think the writers were right on. They struck a nerve. Eisenhower warned against a military-corporate type government back in the 50's. It's very close to coming home to roost now. Halliburton, big oil, greedy corporations thriving off the backs of the working Americans who still have some type of job, and when that's not good enough they move the jobs offshore. So, let's play the fear factor in and trick people into thinking that everyone's against us all, when the biggest threat might be here at home. This was a visionary piece of work here and while many viewers may not have picked up on it, I perceive that someone saw it as a threat and it's been shut down.

"Don't Tread on Me".

I am one of those fan that want it to go to cable and I don't even have cable, but would get it if someone picks up on Jericho. I like a lot of others wasn't counted ratings wise, I have a household of five people who watched with me. I hate the ratings system it's screwed up. CBS wanted Jericho to fail, I have stopped watching their shows since Tuesday night at 11:00pm, when Jericho ended so did CBS end to me.

The guy who wrote this article needs to be a little more discreet in revealing his sociopolitical leanings. Sounds like a guy with an agenda. And how reliable and unbiased are articles from people with agendas? Exactly. I watch Jericho online cuz I work Tuesday nights. Jericho WAS given a raw deal by the network. Lousy lead-in. Not the best of time slots. Factor in the writers strike and such...and yet it was still one of the most compelling shows on tv. I mean how does a show like "The New Adventures of Old Christine" get cart blanche. That show appeals to the stupidest elements of humanity. I won't waste time pasting and editing dialogue from it but it is truly mind numbing. Yet a quality show like Jericho has to fight for every nanosecond of airtime. Pathetic! Its almost as if CBS brought Jericho back, set it up to fail just so they could save face and make it look like they really knew what they were doing and we fans were the misguided ones. I can only hope this series finds a home somewhere else and makes a name for itself. By the way that Jericho is off, that officially makes the number of shows I watch from CBS down to zero! I'm out.

Well, as far as I'm concerned CBS you blew it. This was the only show on your station that I watched. It was a great show and it's a shame to see it cancelled. CBS must be owned by Jennings & Rahl.

Thanks CBS for filming an ending for us instead of canceling it all together without wrapping up the show. I really enjoyed watching.

I will miss Jericho. I do not watch much TV but I tell you I loved Jericho. I mean this was a huge step for CBS. They aired a show about a Corporation that was at the heart of a terrorist attack to take over the U.S. Does this really sound far fetched? This was a ground breaking show and I think the reason only 6 Million of us loyalists watched it is because we can see the unimaginable happening unlike the rest of the 200+ Million Ostriches.

I hope HBO or Showtime picks this up because the story has just begun. The 3rd American Revolution. (The civil war was the 2nd for the history impaired out there.)

It is truly a shame that yet another network television show has been cancelled. The overhead was minimal, no extraordinary fx were used or necessary, it was simply a well acted and well written suspenful drama.

The acting was excellent thru-out. Skeat, Morales, Copolla, etc, all did an outstanding jobs - something rare on network television today.

How can you be critical of the second season when CBS forced the writers to put an entire season into 7 weeks? Be honest, how often does a major network give science fiction a real chance to succeed? Lost and Heroes aside, (both of which were treated much better by their networks) it rarely happens.

I agree, the second season could have been better, but with no real time to tell the intended story, this is what we get.

The fact is CBS NEVER gave this show a real chance. The ratings before the initial 3 month hiatus were good. Once they took 3 months off, the show died. Even Lost and 24 struggled a bit when they kept showing reruns every other week.
A 7 episode order for season 2, please. CBS never ever wanted this to succeed. The money is in crap reality TV. They are gonna just add more of that.
Jericho could have been as successful as Lost and 24. CBS is good at screwing up good things. Didn't CBS radio lose Howard Stern? Oops.....

This is easy... First, Mr. Thomas Conner you are wrong about the second season was "weak". The fans are right!! Jericho was a premium TV show on both seasons. Haven't you noticed the legions of fans that this shows still has? The passion expressed by the followers of Jericho it's unprecedented. Hint: just read the comments to your article.

However, your right saying that the show will live on.

I would like to see the show picked up by another network. A network who appreciates the patriotic base of the nation, perhaps FOX.
Production costs and ratings may be the banner for banishment but I suspect that CBS is ruled more by its politics. A story of "simple small town folks" thinking for themselves, surviving without Federal social programs and fighting against a government bent on tyranny probably doesnt sit well with CBS or its affiliates.
Afterall, WE are the "nutty" fans.

I haven't been dedicated to a scripted TV show for over 15 years. Jericho created an escape from "reality" that no fake Survivors or Big Brothers could ever provide. Frankly, I'm sick of the unimaginative options on TV and hardly watch it, but Jericho was truly unique. I promise to become a loyal viewer of any network or cable channel that decides to pick it up for a 3rd season, taking on the challenge of producing a Second American Civil War while retaining the great scripts and character development.

I thought it was a great show, with characters you wanted to cheer for and villians you loved to hate. Certainly not as moment by moment gripping as a '24' but non stop action non the less. Hope someone else picks it up because I'm one of the six million who'll watch it.....and Thomas, you're an obvious lib who wouldn't have a clue what a traditionalist American would think like based on your review.

"And when they killed Bonnie for, apparently, no good reason, well, the humanity had clearly leaked out of the story."

Killing Bonnie did have a reason! She was the real sweetheart of the show. The fact that Jennings & Rahl killed her only made viewers disgust of Jennings & Rahl more intense. What made the show interesting for me was all of the similarities between the show's plot and America as we see it today. A government who seems intent on doing what it wants and not what the voters want. A large corporation (Jennings & Rahl or Halliburton) running the government the way they see fit.

Let me get this straight: CBS is canceling Jericho and keeping shows like 2 1/2 men? Gee, I wonder if Charlie will get laid next season and joke about it to his loser brother, Alan. I can hardly wait to see how that turns out! CBS, you are a bunch of MORONS. HBO, or Showtime, or whoever: I will pay to watch Jericho if one of the premium networks picks it up. What a great show it is. C.B.S. (Canned the Best Show)

I for one am getting tired of the networks games. They have canceled or screwed with every show my family and friends enjoy. The last 2 years have been very frustrating with trying to keep up with the shows as the start then break and come back and go on break again. Seems funny a show like Two and 1/2 Men and the CSI's are on every week in one way or another. I enjoy those shows on occasion but not to the extent I enjoyed Jericho. It never really had a chance with all the games they played with the schedule. I wish we could come up with a way to punish CBS for bad decisions, the nuts were a great touch last year but they really need to know that they are making a mess of TV in general.One way I know is any one who get a chance to do a Neilson survey should in no way let CBS know that they are watching any of their shows. Maybe then they would start questioning the decisions they make. We need to send them a copy of the flag they were flying in the end at Jericho, Don't Tread on Me, because that is what they are doing.In my eyes CBS is the true Jennings & Rawl.

You know, it really seems that all the networks want to show are mindless reality shows! My teen son and I love this show and have never missed an episode together. What are they thinking! I hope that one of the cable networks will be good enough to pick it up and continue the story. It was the only show I watched on CBS and they have surely lost me as a viewer. Nielson ratings ?? What a joke!!

I can't even begin to tell you how much my family and I love this
show. We looked forward to watching it and our friends and family even knew during season 1 not to call when Jericho was on.
We would then rewatch it the next evening to see if we had missed anything. We looked forward to figuring out the morse code at the beginning of each episode. We just simply looked forward to our weekly Jericho fix.

We have the season 1 dvds. I sent nuts, made calls and sent letters to CBS when it was cancelled after season 1. If this isn't loyality to a TV show, I don't know what is. We are a busy family, but made time for a TV show. We will never trust our hearts (or our minds or money) to CBS again. Jericho is a well-acted, well written show that challenged us not only to speculate on what would happen in the next episode, but to speculate on how this could happen in our own country. The problem with Jericho was that it made you think and wasn't just mindless drivel we were spoon-fed on a weekly basis.
We will miss Jericho and hope against hope that it will be resurected on another network. Long Live Jericho!

Where in the heck do they get their information that nobody watches this show? No one asked me or any of my kids or friends!
Last nights show was very, very good! I love all the characters. If I was ever in trouble I would have Robert and Jake watch my back for sure. They are the heroes we need in this nation. I want to see a marriage with Stanley and I want to see Texas kick the Jennings & Rahl people. I want to see them make history!


Jericho is making history and it will continue to do so. This show is like no other it has a great storyline, characters and has really moved it viewers. CBS didn't want to commit to a second season but felt forced into it that's way they didn't spend the necessary resources on the second season. Don't hold that against Jericho they did what they could with what they had and did a great job at that. CBS blew their chance of making history now let another network have it's turn. Any cable network would love to have the backing of the Jericho fan base and here we are just waiting to jump on board. Sci-Fi, USA even HBO I for one will be right there watching. As for CBS it is no longer on my TV.

Another quality show bites the dust for the sake of American Idol - RIP Jericho, you will be missed!!!!! Thanks for the fantastic ride!

You made your own point. People connected with Jericho because the characters in Jericho were FLAWED. They made mistakes. They had pasts. They were in over their heads. They did not ask for any of it to happen to them. They did not know what to do or who to trust. Everyone was floundering, confused and struggling to figure out what was right and how to do the right thing, whatever that was, while the bad guys tried to cash in. Jericho was filled with normal humans. People died at the worst possible moment when they were needed the most, just like real life. Jericho could have been real life, in a real town when the worst thing you can imagine actually happened. They tried to survive. They made me proud. I loved every moment of it. Skeet Ulrich stole my heart and I am old enough to be his mother. For the first time in my life...I had appointment TV...with CBS.

I spent $15 last spring to send peanuts to CBS and it was worth every penny.

I'm very sad that Jericho has ended. It's literally the only show I watch(ed) on tv.

I can only hope that one of "the powers that be" from one of the cable channels has the wisdom and insight to pick the series up.

I truly hope that someone....anyone picks up this show. I really could not care which network does it because I will watch it even if I have to pay to see it on HBO. This was the one hour a week that my whole family got together, turned off their phones and ignored the doorbell. Like everyone else has said, all of the "other" shows are the same mind numbing bull and this was one of those shows that only come around every 10 years and actually catches your attention, keeps you guessing and keeps you watching. The writers did the best they could and I don't blame them, I blame CBS for not advertising more, playing re-runs inbetween seasons and for just not caring what we (the people who keep their paychecks comming) want or like.
...NOTE TO CBS... I did like CSI but now I couldn't care less what bug solved the case for Grissom or what korny line Horatio is going to say as he turns and takes off his sunglasses. You killed a great show that had an awesome fan base(considering how many people still like American Idol, the show you were competing with for that time slot) and you didn't even blink. CBS you just lost 5 more viewers....Pensacola, FL

I am so PO right now that CBS is taking off an excellent show that has so much potential. This is NUTS, again!!! Here is a well-written show and CBS and all the other stations care about are these stupid reality shows that I and many other people are so sick of. I speak for myself, but I would rather watch Jericho than Dancing with the Stars, The Apprentice, and the absolutely ridiculously absurd Survivor.

Jericho had no chance on a Tuesday night 10 p.m timeslot. That's why there were so many fans missing. I would tape it in case I couldn't keep my eyes open or watch in Comcast onDemand.

I hope one of the cable stations picks it up soon, or else we will all die of boredom watching crappy reality shows.

PLEASE WE WANT MORE JERICHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is it liberal 'reporters', and I use that term loosely, always feel the need to insert their political views into a story about a completely unrelated topic?

Bonnie didn't die for no reason. She died to start the revolution against the government and shows that Jennings & Rall took their business/government way overboard. Did this guy even pay attention?

P.S. I agree with 'confused poster' (March 26)

I only began to watch Jericho in 2008. After seeing the first season 2 episode, I was so hooked I watched the entire 1st season on the web and SciFi. Sure hope that SciFi picks up the series; there's a lot of room for new storylines on the upcoming civil war, exposing John Smith and his cohorts and explaining their motivations, and following the rebuilding of Jericho and the lives of the main characters. I agree with other posters that season 2 and the final episode were very good, and about all that could be done in the space of 7 episodes. The finale was clever in that it gave us some closure, but left enough things unsettled for a new series or movie. Wonder why a serial drama like 24 is such a perenniel hit when it has ridiculuous plot lines and many side trips from the main story compared Jericho with its clear story, fast pace, and clever twists?


I again, was sadden by the fact that this great show was canceled yet again. These last 7 episodes were some of the best in my opinion! I disagree with anyone that says Skeet Ulrich couldn't hold this show together! Besides Gerald McRaney proformance in the first season, after killing him off the show.... which was a hugh mistake in the show! Skeet Ulrich carried this show! I don't think I have ever been this passionate about a tv show! Out of all the shows that air weekly on the networks this is by far the very best! What is CBS going to replace it with another one of those stupid trashy reality shows! Watching Jericho every week brought back those feelings of patriotism I felt after the 911 attacks! We need more shows like this so we don't forget the freedoms we have in this country... and of our brave soliders who fight for these freedoms we are able to have everyday! A show with substance and meaning, unlike all those stupid reality show which are nothing but trash. How much talent does it take to produce one of those? America needs more shows like this! I say get rid of those trashy reality shows which are nothing but garbage!

The second season started out really good, they did the flash backs to show the players before the bomb. That really helped to build the story. The latter part did kinda spell a near end. The stroy and plot did get a little mixed up and it was evident they were rushing things.

Still, I did like series finale. It would be nice if they made a movie. Even better of HBO picked it up. I'd probably subscribe then.

Confused poster, thanks for unconfusing. My apologies Ellen, hey Adam, that was meant for you and your worthless nation.

Hey Ellen,

I can understand how living in Canada (aka France) you know nothing about pride. Trust me when I tell you, American's don't give a single damn about you or your country's lack of anything to be closely associated with pride.

I just don't understand this at all... If the are using the Nelson Ratings the way they have been doing for so many years now to measure weather a show is worthy well I would recommend they start using something more up to date to measure shows or we will lose out on more great shows well written...we do not watch the show just on TV we have computers. tivo,Ipods and many other sources to catch our fav shows I can tell you I have TIVO Jericho many times and also watched it on my computer on CBS's website why does that not count.. why do you keep some sitcoms on for years and years and drop the ball on Jericho this season was awesome and kept me on the edge of my seat through all 7 shows and left me wanting more...and once again primetime lets us down I am going to stop watching CBS and start watching more Cable they give their shows time to develop and give them time to succeed. TNT SciFI pick up this show please we want to still watch it please!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have thoroughly enjoyed both seasons of Jericho. I applaud the writers, actors and everyone else involved with its production. I too am extremely disappointed that it won't see season 3. I find it really hard to understand how a show like "Big Brother" can see so many seasons but it is such a struggle to keep a quality show like Jericho on the air. I really hope they will change their minds or some other network would pick it up.

Why Does Every Show That I Love Get Cancelled.

Im Going To Find A Gadsden flag
And Send It To The Heads Of CBS HBO And Sci-Fi.


I'm holding out for Jericho to find a home with cable because it is the only show I consistently watch. It has all the elements of a well written action/drama without too much gore, soap, smut, etc. I am glad that the 2nd season didn't stoop to the level of any of the other shows out there but maintained its quality of acting and script. Having the mayor and Bonnie die is part of what I respect about the show- real regulars are not immune to death and they don't come back like in some soap which made it more intense to watch each week. The plot and character sketches are believable and purposeful.
I totally disagree with the article's title above suggesting that Skeet and Lennie couldn't hold it together. The entire cast of Jericho were excellent this season. I loathed Goetz, really liked Mayor Gray in the end, wished I'd seen more of Jake's mom.. but they did really really well with 7 episodes and I hope there's 7 seasons more.

Me and my wife watched Jericho every week after recording it on our DVR service, and I know many others that did the same. We look forward to it each and every week. I really hope some other cable channel will pick it up. I will order HBO or Showtime if they pick this show up and keep it going. It would be a great fit for SciFi channel. Please somebody, pick this show up and keep it going.

Yes season two was all written and produced well before the writer's strike ever occurred. The logistical issues referenced by Mr. Conner in the above article (i.e. travel time etc.) were definitely due to a shortened season and shoestring budget. I read somewhere some months ago that the writers had intended for much of the second season to actually take place in Ney York City and elswhere, but their budget took a BIG hit after the first cancellation and subsequent ressurection of the show. I am one of those rabid Jericho fans who dutifully called CBS daily back in May '07, and I noticed a change in the show from the first episode of season two. It was rushed and compacted. But it was still the best show on television, hands down. Its not the writers or producers fault. Blame should be laid soley on the network. The "myopic eye" (CBS) dropped the ball when they broke season one into two separate 11 episode runs divided by three month hiatus with little or no advertising. Then when they bring it back put it up against Idol. I mean c'mon CBS were you trying to kill this show all along? It sure seems so.

Just wanted to point out that the poster of the comment is displayed UNDER the comment I don't believe "ELLEN" was the "CANUCK" and "LLOYD" wasn't the one commenting about the "CANUCK" but "CHARLES" was. I may have just confused everyone more....oh well. I might be wrong since this is my first time posting in here. But back to the JERICHO subject...My wife and I both Love, I mean Loved, this show. I can't remember the last show I watched that made me want the week to go in fast forward just so I could watch the next episode. TNT seriously needs to pick this show up. I agree about Gerald Mcraney, and season 2 being rushed (no fault to the writers), but with all it's small imperfections, JERICHO was still a great show. There is only one JERICHO, but there will always be several CSI's and LAW AND ORDERS...LITERALLY!!!

Once again, a quality show bites the dust. Just because it wasn't some stupid reality show or a glorified karoake contest, your LCDs wouldn't watch it. As all scripted dramas do, it had fantastic thought provoking episodes and weak, slow/boring episodes. That happens. But overall I really enjoyed Jericho and will miss it dearly. I'm sure CBS will fill it with more episodes of that not-funny How I Met Your Mother or 2-1/2 Men.
But it does make it easier with fewer and fewer quality shows on the air, it gives me back some free time. And to Fred Jones, Firefly was a fantastic show that I also loved dearly. You should give it another shot.

Thanks Jericho crew for 1-1/2 seasons of quality entertainment.

Great show, bring it back I want to see the second American Civil War unfold in a 3rd season.

No one seems to mention that they did a lousy job promoting the show. I mean how many promos do you see for the clap-trap reality shows compared to promos for Jericho? Additionally, the writer's strike did slow momentum for the networks and got them (and the viewers) used to the cheap thrill and low production values of that cr-p. Had they promoted this better, I think more people would have gotten into it.

This is such a tragedy for our popular culture. Finally, something that elevates people's consciousness, is intelligently written, compelling entertainment... Shame on CBS for disrespecting the intelligence of their audience.

So disapointed that this show is over and done. It was the only show my husband and I watched together and never missed. I'm sure it will be replaced by another predictable drama.

I haven't been this hooked a TV series since "V" aired many years ago. I really felt the character development was excellant, I cheered for Jericho's small victories and cryed when one of the regulars were killed. It was a great series and I hope it continues. What a great ending too. Awesome!!!

For a TV writer to not understand that everything that has been on since January, with rare exception was written and produced BEFORE the strike is unacceptable. CBS wanted a cheaper show and only 7 episodes. The show was doomed for failure. I think what doomed it was at the height of the publicity from its cancellation and resurrection they elected to show a clip show of the first half of the season and the second half of the season last summer. They could have drawn a whole new audience. I haven't seen the final episode yet, I'm one of those TIVO viewers who does not get properly accounted for. Life is busy, TV is leisure. I will watch it and wonder why they screwed up another great show. The people who program TV networks are idiots. Look at what they give us to choose from.

One final note. Ellen, you need to get over yourself. This show was about a possible America and was about those basic core American values of "Freedom, Truth, and Justice." Those are the values upon which the US was founded. I believe that as you suggest, those values are also the same values a Canadian would consider to be theirs. Its not about American 'pride' those are your words, not the author of this blogs. Jericho is a tale of TRUE patriotism, where people gave their lives to be free of the yoke of oppression and enslavement. Do not confuse what I am guessing is your petty disagreement with the politics of the US and what are this countries real core values, which aren't any different then your countries. Which is a point you made, but made in a manner that is misleading and quite insulting to the citizens of the US. It was a good show, but you HAD to take a shot at us didn't you? Save your cheap shots for political blogs.

Jericho not being a stupid reality show is also a reason it got cancelled. People who critisize this show do so because they actually had to use thier brain while watching to understand what was going on. Both the actors and the writers are excellent and are a credit to thier profession.

CBS you blew it again! So you think We dont watch Jericho if the producers are smart they will market this show to a cable network.

What a great show!

Bone headed move to cancel from CBS

The only mistake I believe the writers made was killing off Gerald McRaney's character

McRaney requested to be written out.

The business about "The show's original writers did not return for this second season," though, is quite perplexing. Obviously, the assortment is not identical, but seasons 1 and 2 certainly aren't disjoint sets:

Pilot: Stephen Chbosky
Fallout: Stephen Chbosky
Four Horsemen: Dan Shotz & Daniel O'Shea
Walls of Jericho: Ellie Herman
Federal Response: Mike Ostrowski
9:02: Nancy Won
Long Live the Mayor: Jonathan E. Steinberg & Josh Schaer
Rogue River: Matthew Federman & Stephen Scaia
Crossroads: Robert Levine
Red Flag: Mike Ostrowski
Vox Populi: Carol Barbee
The Day Before: Mike Kelley
Black Jack: Dan Shotz & Jonathan Steinberg
Heart of Winter: Nancy Won
Semper Fidelis: Matthew Federman & Stephen Scaia
Winter's End: Frank Military
One Man's Terrorist: Stephen Chbosky & Mike Ostrowski
A.K.A.: Bobbie Thompson
Casus Belli: Karen Hall
One if by Land: Joy Gregory
Coalition of the Willing: Frank Military & Josh Schaer
Why We Fight: Carol Barbee & Jonathan E. Steinberg

Reconstruction: Carol Barbee & Jonathan E. Steinberg
Condor: Matthew Federman & Stephen Scaia
Jennings & Rall: Joy Gregory
Oversight: Robert Levine
Termination for Cause: Rob Fresco
Sedition: Carol Barbee, Matthew Federman, & Stephen Scaia
Patriots and Tyrants [029a]: Jonathan E. Steinberg & Dan Shotz

I was really hooked on this show the moment Cheyenne launched those warheads at the end of ep 5 and beginning of ep6. Jake was like, "they're goin' up, they must be ours" from that moment on I knew this was my new favorite show! Jericho better come back! If they dare try to replace Jericho with another dumb reality show and try to tell us that new dumb show managed to get more ratings I won't believe them.

Let's be honest. The shortened season is directly responsible for the loss of character development and substance. No one can deny that because this show was great until it had to be compacted into a tiny seven-episode series. The only mistake I believe the writers made was killing off Gerald McRaney's character, but even that had a lot to do with Jericho's first cancellation. So blame the networks. Kudos to the writers. Even with their limitations, this season was still exciting. (my research shows the same writers as being credited both in the First and second seasons.) My only regret is knowing that it could be better. As far as production costs go, Jericho is sparse with CGI and special effects (episode 7 was an exception) and it can't cost that much. Who really knows? Neither me nor Mr. Conner's nor anyone else here is likely an expert in production costs.

There are Few TV Programs that I enjoy anymore. This was one of them. Others are(were)24, Prison Break & Lost. I used to enjoyed Desperate Housewives(BEFORE the Story line got Ridicules! Seems like alot of the 'worth watching' series get cut before they 'catch on' and others that are pitiful stay forever! GUESS it's safer to watch the game shows & not become attached to the Dramas...that way you are not left out in the cold! Come to think about it, When Bob Barker left the Price Is RIGHT, it too became 'generic' and tasteless!

I have not watched network TV in years. Jericho brought me back to a network for at least an hour a week. It was suspenseful, well acted, and it had a great story I truly enjoyed the show and will miss it.

I hope SciFi picks it up. And yes, I would probably start getting HBO if they picked up the show.

by far the best series in awhile. My work schedule does not allow me to watch it on tuesday nights so I have to catch it online wed. nite. would really love to see a third season...great show

I regret to say that I agree with you almost point for point. Season 1 was exceptional because, like you said, it was about what really matters to people, and the political side (the mayoral feuding, the war with New Bern) emerges from that. A big part of the story was about maintaining a civilized society, and the central figure in that project was Johnston Green. So losing Gerald McRaney was huge. The only character that could really fill that void was Major Beck, but in bringing him in the story shifts from that of the town (the micro) to that of the country (the macro), and, as you say, the political issues overwhelmed the story. I certainly wasn't put off by the not-so-veiled references to Halliburton and Blackwater and Cheney, but I feel like pursuing that as the central storyline became a crutch for the writers (or perhaps a necessity, given the short season).

In any case, sad to see a great show end, will enjoy revisiting it on DVD.

I watch the show last night and loved it! I think Jericho was the BEST show on TV and think that CBS is crazy for pulling it! My whole family has watch the show from the beginning and have loved every minute of it! How can other shows that are 100 times worse than Jericho still be on the air and they cancel Jericho after 2 great seasons. The story has to continue there is too much undone! I hope that someone comes to their senses and does something about it!! This cant be the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps you're not aware that the seven new Jericho episodes were wrapped up way before the writer's strike, so it had absolutely no bearing on the direction of the show. The fact is, they had to cram a whole season into only seven episodes.

I really think Jericho didn't make it because it didn't fall in line with all the other moronic garbage that is on TV. I have found that I have started watching more cable network channels because they produce better quality shows that have a lot more entertainment value than shows like Big Brother and need I even mention the so overdone Survivor series.

Last nights show of Jericho was a rushed, they needed to have made this a two part or even 3 part ending. And there was way to much commercial interruption!

It is my hope that a network like the Sci-Fi Channel could see the future in this show and produce it again, because the ending wasn't much of an ending and left the door wide open!

Jericho is the best show in years, hands down. Knowing that this was a shortened season, obviously the pacing would be ramped up to finish the story arc within the allotted time frame given by CBS to the producers. Yes, I too prefer the slower pace and the chance to explore the minute details as in season 1, but that luxury didn't exist for season 2. Stop picking on the writers, they did a great job. Skeet and Lennie definitely earned their paychecks this season, shame they had to work for reduced pay though. I hope SciFi or HBO don't pick up Jericho...... bad fit. Jericho would be a much better fit on TNT (the drama network) or USA (look how great Burn Notice is). I truly hope I have the chance to see Jericho live on in cable-land, but if not, I will treasure my dvd's and my memories.

Long live Jericho!!! We love you Skeet and Lennie.

CBS--you just lost another viewer........................
Susan in FL

I think the first season was better than the second because it took more time to develop the characters and follow their relationships with one another. While we saw hints of the political issues thanks to Hawkins, they were a mystery for the most part throughout the 1st season.

The second season, while still good, was rushed. Something big happened in every episode, much like a feature film like mentioned earlier. The rush of the story makes me think that CBS intended to wrap up the story this season. One of the criticisms of their decision to cancel after the first season was that it ended with a cliff hanger. The second season did not end with a cliff hanger.

I am confused ... I was under the impression that all episdoes of Jericho were written & filmed long before the (writers') strike occurred. Am I wrong, or does this writer refer to a different strike?

Also, I think any faults he points out to the story line this year can be directly attributed to the fact that they only had 7 episodes instead of a whole year - no way could they possibly accomplish this without abbreviating some of the side stories & moving the timeline along quickly.

Considering the obstacles that were faced, the fans were given the best ride possible in 7 episodes, & we'll be there (hoping) if the series is picked up by cable or a movie is made. This is one top-notch series beginning to end, & like so many others, I am extremely sad to see it end.

Oh, & Lloyd, I don't think Ellen from Canada was knocking American pride ... I think she was just trying to say that we loved this show in Canada too, & the show's interest spread far beyond the American border.

I haven't watched much tv in years since there is nothing worth watching. But somehow Jericho found its way into my living room, much to my disbelief. I was so involved with it, that it surprised even me. I thought, Wow, a really well written show, something worth watching. So CBS pulled me in with the carrot and then "poof", off it goes. Then they do it again in Season 2, "poof". I can still say that I adored the show and the characters, although really missed Gerald McCraney on season 2. But it was still better than anything else on the networks. Back to reading for me. Adios CBS!

Like many of us, I have only a limited amount of time that I can dedicate to television entertainment. Turn on the tube any night of the week and we are bombarded with idiot productions. Mindless sit-coms, reality-show foolishness, rerun after rerun of movies that no one wanted to see in the first place. But every once in a while something intelligent, thought-provoking and entertaining comes along. Something that grabs our interest and treats us to an hour a week where we can actually sit back and enjoy a good story, written by good writers and performed by good actors. Something like JERICHO. And then just like that, the network nitwits decide to pull the plug on it without any thought to the millions of faithful viewers. And the reason? They tell us it's because the numbers are too low! The costs are too high! The storylines are not good enough! So another wonderful series bites the dust. But I'm sure that the network execs will find a suitable replacement ... afterall, what we really do need is another game show or perhaps something reality based like "Network Nitwits" where we can see how Hollywood execs compete in a world or mediocrity. Give us a season 3 of Jericho before I lose all interest in television.

I've loved Jericho from the start, very good story and very good actors. Is there anything we can do to have someone bring it back?
Its perfect civil war story. Bring them all back and do it.

Jericho was the one real show on TV that people could relate to. This story was right on the money as far as being something that could really happen to America. Today, Senators and Representives are bought and paid for by big business, special interest lobbys and rich people trying to get richer. So, the Jennings and Rauls plot hits home loudly and clearly.

Exon Mobile raped Americans to the tune of $36 BILLION last year and the year before, while our paid off government officials simply disappear and ignore what is happening. Jennings and Raul of the fuel industry???

Americans need to take back our country from the big corporate entities who own our elected representatives. Jericho was popular because it expressed the frustration all of us feel about what is happening to us in every very real day of our life.

Lloyd: it would be better if Houston were the capital of the Independent Republic of Texas ;-) Just as long as Walker Texas Ranger was not the President.

I cant beleive this is over!! I have never been passionate enough about a TV Show to bother commenting about it. Jericho is the exeption. This show is inteligent, all be it far fetched in timeline some times, it however raises feelings of pride and rebellion to corruption and shows individuals can make a difference. Well besides all that, its damn good entertainment and a great story that has limitless potential. I hate to think America would rather have another realty show than a great program. Lets get back to the time of Hill Street Blues, Barney Miller, Columbo, Magnum PI any thing but more realty TV, REALLY How much Law and Order and CSI can we take!!


I think CBS planned all along on ending it and therefore changed the story line on purpose. I think they had no choice but to bring it back when all the fans asked for it. So they started this season with the intentions of ending it. You could tell from the 1st episode this season. We were to far along from last year. If Jericho had truly happened they wouldn't have been back up and running with electricity and normalacy basically over night. It was like one day they were in this small isolated primative town and over night they were a normal small town with the calvery there to help. CBS moved things along to quickly and that's why some people lost interest. Plus to put any new show up against a long standing show such as Law & Order SVU is just plain stupid. Especially midway through the season.

I just got finished watching the "last" episode of Jericho and I was on the edge of my seat. This is a wonderful show and it is very sad to see that once again the big media gets it wrong. I do not feel that this season was flawed at all, it pushes us to remember our past. I've been watching John Adams on HBO and the trails that our forefathers went through are heavily seated in this season of Jericho. I'd love to a 3rd season and see a new civil war unfold before our eyes but it seems that shows with true content always loose out to trivial airtime fodder.

I THOUGHT THE finale - was good, one of the better segments.
Donot know theat Prduction costs sould be that high for this show,
although maybe the tanks etc are $$. Cable could be the answer to how the civil war turns out.
As for the CANUCK-ELLEN- stick it

Being from San Antonio, Tx, I of course love any show where my city is the capitol of "the soveriegn nation of Texas". I'm very saddened to see the show end, and I will be among the 6 million waiting and hoping that it will be picked up by a cable network.

You're completely pompus to criticize the second season writers, the logical inconsistencies (such as travel time that was obviously due to not having enough time to tie-up all loose ends), to political overtones in Season 2, and you're ESPECIALLY pompus to criticize Skeet Ulrich's performance. The show delivered in every way! The acting was fantastic. The end was extremely satisfying (and...YES I want the show to continue just as much as the next guy). Jericho bowed out in a completely respectable and honorable way. Who the heck are you to criticize the best show of our times?!!! There are few show that even come close to the artistic, creative, philosophical, and down right awesome talent this show has displayed. CBS shafted it by giving it the worst time slot possible, and they only counted Neilsen ratings (not the millions of DVR and internet viewers)--THAT is why Jericho didn't make it to season 3. You're obviously just trying to get media time by criticizing Jericho and its phenominal actors and writers. What a cheap trick!

I refused to watch Jericho last night because at least in my own head I can continue to develop series twists and turns so it ends with more passion, humanity, and respect. In my head I can go forward/backward, revive Gerald McRaney, etc. I hope that someone does a "Firefly" by shooting a full-length movie. Production expenses -- hah!

I was left wanting so much more of the Jericho story. This was without any doubt my favorite television series this season. I thought the action was great and kept me on the edge of my seat. I'm sorry to see it end.

You're bloody ridiculous. This show's appeal has never been 'American'. I live in Canada, and I don't give a single damn about American pride. This show is well acted, well written, and incredibly suspenseful. It's one of the only good drama/action shows on tv.

Thanks so much for articulating, clearly, exactly both my love for, and disappointment in, Jericho.

What are the "high production costs" of Jericho? There are zero to little special effects, no spaceships or space scenes, and no alien make up or costumes on any of the characters. The show is set in a small farming town, so there are no big city effects to deal with.

The production cost of Jericho must be lower than some clap trap like Firefly. Are the high production costs you speak of are for using better paid actors and better writers?

This show fits perfectly in to the Sci-Fi channel's line up of shows. This show is like their show Eureka, which is set in a small town in the northwest, and has sparing use of special effects. Eureka frequently got better ratings than Sci-Fi's premier show Battlestar Galactica. Sci-Fi would love to get just half of the 6 million that tuned into Jericho each week this season.

I think a premium cable channel could afford a show like Jericho. Can you imagine HBO getting 6 million new subscribers who are die hard Jericho fans? The loyal fan base may be too small for network television, but would be huge in the pay cable world.

This is the first time i have ever posted about a show on the internet. I watched the first season of Jericho and was hooked on it, i loved the show. I was upset when i heard it was cancelled because i truely enjoyed watching the show. When they brought it back because of all the hype it got i was excited again and couldn't wait for the new season to begin and now im back to sadness cause i just read this post and finding out theres no 3rd season for jericho. I hope someone from the studios brings this show back for the 3rd season, i would love to see a show on the next civil war.

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