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Of the Beatles and second chances

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It's the second week of "American Idol" to feature Beatles music.

Amanda Overmyer had the dreaded first slot. She picked "Back in the U.S.S.R." The crowd seemed really into her and she has definitely found her groove.

"it was the perfect song choice for you. It was a ittle pitchy in the beginning. It was cool at the end. I gotta give you a 7 out of 10," Randy Jackson said.

"It was what it was. It was predictable. You are in danger of actually becoming a bit boring," Simon Cowell said.

"Ballads are boring," she said in response to a suggestion that she try a ballad one week.

Last week's disaster, Kristy Lee Cook, tried to redeem herself with "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away," a song she picked because of its title. She botched the song's melody (not that many of the voting "American Idol" fans are probably aware of the original tune). Don't even get us started with her fashion sense (cowboy boots do not go with everything, Kristy).

"You're not a good performer. It's like musical wallpaper. You notice it, but you can't remember it," Cowell said.

David Archuleta took "The Long and Winding Road," the recorded arrangement of which led McCartney to announce the Beatles' break-up.

"This week I thought you were amazing," Cowel said.

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