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Cowell's dozen

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Last season's runner-up Blake Lewis started off. He was never the strongest of singers on the show, but his personality and style come through on the song (wish I could say the same about "Idol" winner Jordin Sparks; she was molded into a Brittney clone on her debut release).

36 million votes. David Cook was the first to secure a spot. David Archuleta got slot two. Jason Castro was also safe.

Brooke White was the first female into the top 12. Syesha Mercado was also safe.

Kady Malloy was the first to be ejected tonight. She was off key in her swan song reprise of "Who Wants to Live Forever."

David Hernandez and Michael Johns are both in the top 12 as well. Luke Menard is a goner.

Ramiele Malubay and Carly Smithson both predictably make it into the top 12. Amanda L. Overmyer is also safe. Rocker nurse lives!

Asia'h Epperson was sent packing as was Danny Noriega.

What do you guys think?

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