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Brother can you spare a jive?

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Something is afoot on "Dancing With the Stars." Is it just me, or were the judges totally playing favorites tonight?

The leggy Shannon Elizabeth delivered a clunky jive (come on, she came to a standstill in several spots), and yet the judges went ga-ga over it, rewarding the actress with a 24. Marlee Matlin pounded the pavement out of her jive, and got a paltry 21. Kristi Yamaguchi turned in a tango that the judges described as "emotionless" and "one-dimensional" yet she nabbed a score of 27. Steve Guttenberg delivered the most boring, wooden tango (Penn Jillette would have been proud), and "the Goot" as he's been nicknamed, got rousing praise and a score of 21. (And what was with that stupid goggles and metal mixing bowl comedy bit of his?) Need I go on?

Surprise of the night? Make that a plural, as in Adam Carolla and Priscilla Presley. Presley's tango was sultry and passionate and she deservedly scored a 26. Adam was just mindboggling, taking on a whole new persona and netting 21 points. Partner Julianne Hough did her best Catherine Zeta-Jones impersonation, donning a brown bob wig circa "Chicago," and a gorgeous print gown.

Mario look exhausted during his tango (a weeklong tour knocked him on his behind) and the darling of last week's show only managed 21 points on the night. Speaking of exhausted, what was with Shannon "kickboxer fanatic" Elizabeth's almost "Marie Osmond Moment" after her jive was done? Oh the drama on the dance floor! Jason Taylor was also off his game, and though partner Edyta Sliwinska recycled (tacky tacky) her silver "Slinky" dress from last season (slightly tailored and cut up to micro-mini), it couldn't help the duo on this night, as they received only 23 points. Latin heartthrob Cristian de la Fuente wrangled a much deserved 25 for his sassy and fun jive.

Which brings us to Marissa Jaret Winokur. Could the judges have been more cruel? She jived her heart out, and made WAY fewer missteps than some of her predecessors and yet the judges ripped into her with wild abandon. The 19 points were totally mean.

Quip of the night: Courtesy of Adam, backstage, who, when asked by the witty Samantha Harris, what it felt like to learn the dance of passion (or some such) from a 19-year-old (Mormon partner Julianne Hough), the comedian replied without skipping a beat: "My grandfather always told me, 'Son, if you want to learn about an Argentinian dance that's about prostitutes, speak to a Mormon.'"

Samantha Harris stupid backstage moment: Oh, so many to choose from, but my personal fave was her question to Marlee and her partner Fabian Sanchez, and I quote: "Are you guys in it to win it?" No, Samantha, they're in it to waste 12 weeks of their lives.

Shameless ABC show plug: The cast of "Eli Stone" was ringside.

Prediction for Tuesday's elimination: It should be Steve Guttenberg, but it will probably be Marissa.

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I completely agree with your views on the judging of Marissa. I just didn't get their problem. But, I also don't get the gushing over Priscilla Presley. Maybe it's just her frozen "Bride of Chucky" expression, but her dancing seems like, at best, nothing special and, at worst, pretty clunky. I'd rather watch Marissa anytime.

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