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Blackbird in the dead of Tuesday night

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Carly Smithson tries to fly with "Blackbird." I hate the arrangement. It's such a simple song. Embellishing it, ruins it in my opinion.

"Another great performance," Jackson says of his former MCA Records colleague.

"It was indulgent. I didn't like the song at all," Cowell said.

Jason Castro picked "Michelle." It's heartfelt and Castro will no doubt be giving Archuleta a run for his money in garnering votes from young girls.

Jackson thought it was a good choice, but it was subdued.

"This was a very weird show," Cowell said. "I'm not certain we should have done the Beatles a second week."

Syesha Mercado tried to forget being in the bottom three "Yesterday" (ok, last week).

They tamed her hair. She tamed the song.

"I thought that was probably your best performance so far," Cowell said. "It wasn't incredible, but you chose the right song."

Chikeze Eze picked one of McCartney's favorites "I've Just Seen a Face." I hated the arrangement.

"It started off ok and then you played the harmonica," Cowell said. "I thought it was gimmicky."

Ramiele Malubay had the coveted final position and sang "I Should Have Known Better."

"I wasn't jumping up and down," Jackson said.

Kristy Lee Cook is at the bottom again in my opinion. What do you folks think?

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