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Back on Micronesia

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Tracy seemed to wise up and realize that Ozzie.

"This is the stupidest thing I've done in my entire life," Sleckman said in a moment of depression and homesickness. of her decision to actually go on "Survivor." I'm betting she cracks within the next couple of weeks.

The reward challenge involved two large, traditional Micronesia money stones. Four will be blindfolded and the other tribe members will use verbal clues to direct them around an obstacle course. Money stones also break tiles which will reveal smaller money stones that will be used to solve another puzzle.

They were playing for a spa treatment. At one point, James had to tell Kathleen to shut up because he couldn't hear the directions.

Malakai won the reward. Tracy and Jason were sent to Exile Island.

More rainy weather

"You watch the show at home and when they show the rain at home for 30 seconds. They don't show how you're rained on for five six hours non stop as you're trying to sleep," Sleckman says. "Never in a million years would I do this twice."

Kathleen didn't get any sleep and seemed to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

"I can't take it one more minute," she tells her shocked tribe members, quitting the game.

Probst tried to talk her out of leaving under the gise of understand

"This is the first decision that I'm making for me," Sleckman said.

Immunity Challenge: involves a handcrank and another puzzle.

Malakai had a huge lead. Airai had a bit of a struggle and Malakai had a sizable lead, but Airai was able to complete the puzzle thanks in part to Jason's puzzle skills.

Eliminated: Tracy Hughes-Wolf

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I’ve noticed that this season has been particularly intense for the players and the challenges are more difficult than ever. At what point do producers decide whether or not to step in?

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