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Are you ready for a gay "Idol"?

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So with more attention being paid to "American Idol" contestants' private lives — both on the show in the form of personal questions and off the air in blogs and videos — there's a good chance someone might be outed as gay during competition. We've got black and female presidential candidates, but is America ready to vote for its first gay "Idol"?

Much speculation has been the result of this seemingly impromptu online video by contestant Danny Noriega, in which — after belting a melismatic verse and chorus of Aretha Franklin's "Chain of Fools" — he freestyle raps a little song ...

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You are so gay danny!
But we still love you in a strange way LOL

omg. you're sooooooo gay danny. i actually call you sanjaya from last year that was gay. and stop cursing! you're not cool!!!!!1

reasons i love u:
u had purple streaks - favorite colour is purple
ur name is danny - my real name is ann : d(ann)y
i also hate the way simon does that thing with his hands

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