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American Idol blogger feed back

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Patrick Lane: Which David did you hope to see perform that? Just curious.

Archuleta was a mess this week. I would have loved to see Cook do "Live and Let Die," but it's not a Beatles song (McCartney performed it with Wings).

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I watch American Idol for the talent, to see the hopefuls, and to try picking out which people will make it to the top 24, top 10, or top 3. I have been disappointed in the early stages of the show, as it seems that there is very little singing. I watch the group night last evening, and it was almost over before they showed them actually singing. I really don't like all of the drama, and I'll most likely turn the channel or wait until Hollywood week is over in hopes that it will improve.

How obvious is it that Simon wants Archaleta to win. He is blatantly down playing one over the other - he should let the viewers decide. Painful to watch

I wonder why no one in the production asked Mr. Cowell not to paw all over Paula's back. Notice how Paula is leaning forward and to the right to avoid his molestation? It makes a disgraceful distraction for an otherwise very entertaining show.

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