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A no brainer

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Ramiele Malubay is safe.

It's down to Kristy Lee Cook and Jason Castro. Let's see...a cute as a button country music singer who performed "God Bless the U.S.A." and a guy who shares a last name with a certain former Cuban dictator.

Kristy Lee Cook is, of course, safe.

And so is Castro. He could barely join Eze and Mercado in the bottom three before Ryan told him he was safe.

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1 Comment

Talk about audience manipulation. Kristy Lee Cook is crap. Ramiele Malubay can't sing. Brook performance and song choice wasn't good. Yet, the two black performers end up in the bottom three. What a joke!!!! Simon puts a kiss of death on EZE and not the others. I'm white and you can see it's fixed. The "American White Idol".

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