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A bunch of 'Idol' scandals already?

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The scandals are already piling up for this season's contestants on "American Idol." It now appears David Hernandez was a stripper for "mostly male" clientele in Phoenix before he quit to pursue the televised singing competition. That's after two other contestants may have some nude photos somewhere out there ...

The National Enquirer has claimed a hometown acquaintance of contestant Amanda Overmyer is shopping nude photos of her to the tabloids. (The Mulberry, Ind., native also was reportedly arrested and pleaded guilty to DUI in 2006.) And Ramiele Malubay has raised some eyebrows with Antonella Barbra-esque photos on her Facebook page of her breasts being groped by female friends.

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What pisses me off the most about people who are so closed minded about sexual orientation is that there are those straight guys that perform in gay sex movies and videos, but that doesn't mean they are just means that the money is better for gay flicks than straight flicks. Plus a person's sexual orientation should NEVER be of concern to others. Wake up folks, this is the 21st Century and we aren't mom and dad's good little girls and boys anymore!

Who cares about this kind of controversy that is happening now in AI ..The more that they are dragged in it, they just becoming so popular with the public..go Ramielle and David..Show them you got what it gets to be on top...You spiced up our nights when you appear and belted out..Beat them all guys!

Just because Hernandez danced in a "mostly male" frequented nightclub does not mean he is gay! It's amazing how often people think that if you're associated in any way with wonderful gay folks that immediately it must mean your gay too!
People! Get intelligent!! This is not how the real world works!
And if Hernandez is gay.. Good for him! What's wrong with that? Is there some huge press conference that needs to take place because people think that it's rare that gay folks aren't also intelligent and talented? Grow up! WoW~!

So, go ahead, reward those who have checkered pasts such as this former male gay stripper. Just like Winehouse who is presently trashing her life with drugs. This no longer represents something that young people can learn and aspire to be. I am very thankful that my sons are now grown adults and not having to be confused with such developments. It is proof positive that EVERYONE is lowering the bar. Can you just imagine how life will be a generation from now? Scary. My sons had "ME" to answer to and that behavior would never have been acceptable. And, a single mom at that. I am not interested in watching Idol. Ever!

All the guys are great, and who care about Hernandez sexual oriental, all it will do is make him more famous. I can only remember 2 of the guys thats him and David Archleta the 17 year old. The Guy from Australia is obsolutely wonderful both vocally and in appearance, he will be very, very hard to beat...

Malubay's pix shows that they are goofing around. Like any other young ones they are having fun. I don't think that it will stir, out of control controversy. The hands of her friends are not even touching the breast, Just a camera trick. There are no signs of pressure points at all. As far as I know, she got my attention about her deep voice and sex appeal. She can be dangerous all the way through if given a chance... Big deal, take her out, and maybe make this Idol "less" interesting.

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