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Was the writers strike worth it? Tell us!

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At long last, the writers strike could be over this week. We've heard from readers who bucked up and stood with the writers during their strike — holding out for a share of digital and new media royalties — and readers who quickly soured on the glut of reality TV and scolded the writers for holding the industry hostage.

We writers here at a unionized newspaper, well, most of us are happy the country was reminded that writers have value and that life suffers a little without their stories.

But how do you feel? Did the strike accomplish anything? Was it worth it? What are you most excited to see return to the small screen?

Write to us or comment below and sound off!

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I say good on 'um! The writers are the acorns that become the oaks - without them, it would be nothing but reality TV and Jackass movies. For anyone (producers, film corps, etc..) to think the writers didn't deserve a piece of the DVD and internet distributions of their work is absolutely astounding. Great job Guys and Gals!!

My biggest fear is that the recent writers strike has served to surrender more quality programming to the virus that is reality TV. For the networks it's a no-brainer. Reality TV requires a minimum investment from the networks to produce a "product" that's consistently consumed by the American public. Network brass will continue to unleash these subpar shows on us until we stop tuning in; which hopefully will happen sooner rather than later.
That being said, I think the writers grievances were just and I'm glad to see they've gained a toehold in internet royalties. They deserved more but hopefully the results of this strike will be a step in the right direction for them.

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