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Is Danny Noriega the worst?

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Vote for the's poster boy this season, Danny Noriega, took on The Carpenter's "Superstar." He did a decent job. Cowell thought it was better than last week, but not fantastic. Jackson thought he was over-concentrating.

David Hernandez left no stone unturned with Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong's "Papa Was a Rollin' Stone." Hernandez added a bit more flourish than I'd like, but the judges liked it. "This was the David Hernandez we fell in love with, " Jackson said. Cowell felt it was the best vocal of the night up until this point.

Jason Yeager abandoned the cabaret theatrics from last week and put in a decent peformance of The Doobie Brothers “Long Train Runnin’.” Cowell felt he looked like he was a drunk at a party.

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Danny is not the worst if u think that u r crazy and i will hate u .Ya he might be bye ro gay but that dose not mean he the worst becus hes not hes hot and i luv his voice it is wounderfull.Soread this befor u sayhes yhe worst!!!!!!

I love Danny SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! Idk what those haters say I think he has an amazing and brilliant vioce! He's much better then any of those other people by far! I'm a DANIMAL!

Danny is an amazing singer and is really hot i cant believe they said he was the worst when i thought he was the best when he got kicked of it was way TMTH i love you dannt so much and i hope you come out with an amazing cd

Why are so many people hateing on Danny Noriega? He is a really funny and entertaining guy, and most of all he is an amazing singer! I really hope he wins or at least makes it to the top 4. So what if he acts gay or is gay? Who cares?! I also don't see why people are judging him for that video. He was obviously upset and going threw a rough time.Plus it was LAST year people! Stop holding a grude!And if he doesn't win, I hope he comes back next year and shows you all what a really good singer he is. I also hope he makes a cd. I'd buy it, no doubt about it. Good luck, Danny and I hope you win. Don't listen to those haters! You rock!

That is SO not fair people see him as the worst. He has a VERY wonderful original voice and appearance. He is definitely by far the funnest of all the American Idols. He deserves to make the Top 10. That is just very crazy people think he is the worst! GO DANNY!

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