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Crying no tears for 'Project Runway' departure

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At one point in last night's "Project Runway," guru Tim Gunn said, "We have to let our divas go." He was referring to the ladies of WWE, for which the designers had the unenviable task of creating Spandex wrestling costumes, but he could have easily been saying it about the season-long process of winnowing the ninnies. And last night — whew! — we finally got rid of the last piece of deadwood.

And, irony of ironies, Ricky didn't cry when he was sent packing. He's cried on every other show, mind you, but somehow he held it together when tears would have been more easily tolerated from the wispy, moderately talented designer. We won't miss the waterworks or the high drama over such drama-less designs. Buh-bye.

This leaves us with five designers: Christian, Rami, Jillian, Chris and Sweet P. While Sweet P continually starts poorly in these challenges, she seems good at pulling together at the last minute and at least surviving. But I predict she'll be the next to go.

Who will be the final three? Christian, definitely. Jillian, probably. The third slot is a toss-up between Rami — who's sweet and efficient but dreadfully one-note — and Chris — who's the life of the party and sometimes too campy for his own good.

Regardless, the season from this point on should be a breeze to watch. Anyone notice last night how much fun the group was having? I've never seen a group of designers on "Runway," especially this late in the competition, having such a blast together. The work room howls with laughter. Chris is a doll. Christian seems to be starting to poke fun at himself. Sweet P's meltdowns spark jokes and good-natured ribbing. It struck me last night the show might even be so free of cut-throat ambition that ratings could slip. But I'd much rather hang out in this work room than last year's. Yeesh!

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