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The decline of the American (Idol) empire?

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Let's get the ball rolling with Chris Daughtry's recent comments about "American Idol" to Rolling Stone :

“It’s in a state of decline and if they don’t do something about it, it’s probably not gonna last too much longer. I’m sure that’ll be used against me, but that’s the truth, you know?”

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I'm not ready to pronounce the show dead, yet. Sure, Jordin Spark's album (last season's winner) had the weakest first-week sales of any "Idol" winner to date and record labels seem to be dropping former "Idol" winners right and left. However, CD sales are down for the entire industry. I'm not certain it's entirely the show's fault.

Yes, the ratings for last season's finale were down by 5 million, but when you consider the show still had 31 million viewers, it's still a ratings juggernaut.

Still, the perception that the show is in trouble is out there. What's everybody's thoughts on how to fix "Idol"?

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