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Wave phones or walkie talkies?

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A reader in Texas wanted to know the skinny on wave phones and whether they should bring walkie talkies, which a lot of cruise vets rely on to communicate with family members while on board.

Here's the answer:

Don't waste luggage space on walkier talkies. Disney assigns two wave phones per stateroom, and they're free to use while you're on the cruise. (Extra wave phones can be rented for $3.50 a day.) These gadgets work like cell phones, enabling you to text and call your cruise companions, which makes it easy to keep tabs on your teens or communicate your whereabouts with family members and friends. Even if you're traveling with a large group in several different cabins, you can communicate with one another using the wave phones. And the youth counselors can use them to call you if Jimmy's had enough play time and wants to go back to the room. In a nutshell, they're convenient and easy to use and no doubt give parents a lot of peace of mind. I wouldn't be surprised if every ship comes with these in the near future. But be warned: If you lose a wave phone, you're going to get hit with a $250 fine.

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