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The new Disney Dream cruise ship

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Disney Cruise Line's much anticipated new ship, the Disney Dream, sets off on its maiden voyage Jan. 26. But I'll be on board (along with some other lucky travel writers and agents) Jan. 19-21 for a sneak peek.

Have any questions about the new ship, like where are the best cabins? What's the food at Remy like? Will my tweens have fun? Can my 5-year-old go on the water coaster?

Send them to me and I'll get them answered for you while I'm on board. And check back for the latest updates on Disney's newest creation...disney_dream_arrival_002_jpg_52072_orig.jpg

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Hope you're enjoying the trip.

1. What extra costs should we expect to pay while on the ship? (daily fees, alcoholic beverages, food, spa treatments, etc)

2. How often do you see Disney characters walking around the ship?

3. How tall are the guard rails around the ship?

4. Is there enough space for a young child to fit their arm or leg in between the rails?


Should I upgrade from a window cabin (which I have booked) to one with a balcony and if so what are the chances of being upgraded free of charge through Disney?

My son has a severe peanut allergy. It is so high that he cannot even have anything that is processed in a peanut/nut facility. We have to carry an epi pen with us at all times. Is the ship allergy friendly? Does it list menu item ingredients somewhere? If my son had an allergic reaction what type of emergency help would I be able to receive? Thanks!

Is there anything that we should book ahead of time? Excursions? Reservations? Or is pretty easy to do once you're there?

Is there babysitting on board? How much does it cost?

How likely is it that small kids will fall overboard?

What is next for Disney Cruise Line?

What are some of the new technologys?

Will adults and teens have fun too?

Will there be classes? like now to draw yoga Etc?

Im going on this ship in 2 weeks. Will my 2 year old have fun on the ship? Where is the best spot to watch the fire works each night? How are the shows at night. Do I need to put my 2 year old in daycare while the shows are going on?

How exciting! Please check out the spa. Our neice is working as a hairstylist aboard. She's from the Chicago area too!

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