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Teenage fantasy

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One reader asked if teens will have fun on board.

Teens are notoriously tough to please on family vacations. Throw Disney in the mix, and it can be even tougher. Teens don't think it's exactly cool to be hugging Donald Duck. But Disney has created two separate lounge areas, one for tweens and one for teens. The teen one, called Vibe, is ridiculously cool. It's "hidden" in an unmarked passageway -- a la New York City clubs -- and teens have their own key card they swipe to get in. Very VIP. Inside is amazing. There's an outdoor deck with pingpong and foosball and sun loungers. Inside there's a huge screen with Wii and other games. They can watch movies, plug their iPods into their own private circular pods and play computer games. They can form a band and play rock star. They can have non-alcoholic drinks and snacks. Don't be surprised if your teen swipes his/her card, goes behind the door and doesn't emerge until disembarkation.


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