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First night at sea on Disney Dream

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Just finished dinner at Animators Palate, which is pretty cool if you're a kid. Pretty cool if you're an adult, too. I have to admit, I was impressed when the animated turtle on the screen asked a diner in a red shirt what his name was. I thought I was watching a cartoon, but then the turtle said, "You in the red, what's your name?" The guy said Mike. The turtle said, "Where are you from, Mike?" Mike's from Atlanta. The turtle made a joke about being from Atlanta. I've never seen a cartoon character do real time improv. Pretty impressive.

After dinner, my 6-year-old niece asked if we could go to the Oceaneer Club. By "we," she meant "me." I just dropped her off and she shot off like a light, abandoning me in her dust. Lesson: Parents need to feel zero guilt about dropping off their kids at the Oceaneer Club or It's a Small World Nursery. The kids would much rather be in there then hanging with you, no matter how charming you think you are.

I'm going to take advantage of this free babysitting time to head out in the ship and try to find some answers to your questions. If it takes a while for me to research, that's OK. The Oceaneer Club is open until midnight tonight.

More later....DSC_1378.JPG

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