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Jet Blue $10 fares -- any takers?

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Jet Blue today announced it's selling open seats on U.S. flights for $10 each way in celebration of its 10 year anniversary. (You have to fly May 11 & 12.)

One editor at the paper found a $20 roundtrip to New York City and was tempted. By the time we checked back an hour later, it was gone. Ditto for New Orleans. Ditto for San Francisco and Boston.

Did any of you last-minute spontaneous types find a fare and book it? I'd love to hear from you if you did.

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Wait until they start offering cheap tickets for international flight, I suspect those days are coming soon....

Took my son to Disneyworld for the first time-we flew in 5/11 & came back 5/12. The only thing was I had to take the extra legroom seats for the flight there but it was still worth it. Had a great time

Hi I lve in California and have son graduating from TIU in Il this Sat the 15th and good use this huge discount to go out and see him otherwise it would be impossible for me. Please concider my request. Thank you.

I could use this big discount to go and see my son graduate college in Chicago this sat May 15th. Wow.

i am a true blue member can i get the $10.00 fare for my family?

Yes! I have a job interview in Washington, DC tomorrow and was just about to book a seat for $242.00 with Air Tran and I saw the advertisement for Jet Blue! I paid $41.40 round trip Boston-Washington!!!

My friend almost booked one from JFK to LAX. When he finished filling out his billing info and went to process the flight, there was an error! So we failed as well....

jamaica 5/12/10 return 5/16/10

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