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Spirit scraps reclining seats: what's next? Paying for oxygen?

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Several Florida newspapers today were reporting that discount carrier Spirit Airlines -- already taking heat for wanting to charge extra for carry-on luggage -- is now doing away with reclining seats.

A colleague of mine forwarded me the news along with a question: Are these guys trying to put themselves out of business?

From the Sun Sentinel:

Spirit's two new Airbus 320 aircraft feature "pre-reclined" seats, spokeswoman Misty Pinson said Tuesday. That means even Spirit passengers who want to pay for reclining airline seats won't have that option.

The Miramar-based airline put the first A-320 into service on March 14 for the Fort Lauderdale-Washington, D.C., route. The other arrived last week and currently is being used on flights between Fort Lauderdale and New York's LaGuardia airport. Two more A-320s will join the company's fleet this summer, and both will feature the "pre-reclined" seat design, Pinson said.

Some Spirit passengers are complaining the new planes leave them more cramped than ever.

"I hate sitting upright," said Eve Greene, who recently traveled from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport to New York's La Guardia airport on Spirit's new A-320. "It felt cheap and uncomfortable."

Greene said she was confused and frustrated by the fact that the seats didn't recline. The aircraft she took on her return flight Tuesday had reclining seats, and Greene said there's a "big difference" in terms of comfort.

Spirit argues this is a way to keep airfares low, and who doesn't like low airfares?

What do you think? Is this going too far?

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I wish all airlines would do away with reclining seats. There's nothing worse than having some (insert expletive here) fully reclined in from of me. There so little room to begin with. I want my precious little space so keep out!

If you can't sit upright for 2 hours or so, then drive.

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