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Tourism folks not a fan of MTV's 'Jersey Shore'

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Apparently the Jersey Shore CVB isn't smitten with the way their turf comes off in MTV's new series "Jersey Shore," which invited you to meet the "hottest, tannest, craziest Guidos around" or something like that.

I personally have never visited Jersey Shore. Wondering if the folks who have would care to weigh in on MTV's portrayal?

Here's what the CVB had to say:

Watching last week's two-hour premiere of MTV's controversial Jersey Shore reality series prompted the following response from Daniel Cappello, executive director of the Jersey Shore Convention and Visitors Bureau:
"We're flattered that MTV thinks we're an interesting enough destination to warrant an entire reality series," said Cappello. "But the national TV audience is hardly getting the full story."
"MTV is providing a one-dimensional, dramatized version of a very small group of visitors' summer experiences in one Jersey Shore town. We have many spectacular ocean and bay beaches in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, from the Atlantic Highlands down to Long Beach Island, and countless choices for people of all ages and walks of life to enjoy year round.
"The Jersey Shore's world-renowned legacy speaks for itself. There's a reason why millions of people have made us their primary vacation destination for two centuries. People who escape to other destinations once in their lives return to the Jersey Shore for a wholesome family experience year after year, from generation to generation. We welcome visitors to come here, even during the holiday season, to enjoy a cultural diversity that in no way reflects what is seen on MTV."

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It's rather quite funny that folks are getting this riled up about a REALITY TV show. It's not actual reality folks, never have been and never will be. So why pay attention to them? I mean really come on, could people be anymore idiotic?

For all the people who are getting offended (even-though I am not a fan of the entire genre and have NEVER watched one reality show) I'll leave you with a quote from a very wise man....

"The FCC, an appointed body, not elected, answerable only to the president, decided its own that radio and television were the only two parts of American life not protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution. Why did they do that? Because they got a letter from a minister in Mississippi. A Reverend Donald Wildman in Mississippi heard something on the Radio that he didn't like. Well, Reverend, did anyone ever tell you there are two knobs on the radio? Two knobs on the radio!! Of course, I'm sure the Reverend isn't that comfortable with anything that has two knobs on it. But hey, Reverend, there are two knobs on the radio. One of them turns the radio off, and the other one changes the station! Imagine that, Reverend, you can actually change the station! It's called freedom of choice, and it's one of the principles this country was founded upon! Look it up in the library, Reverend, if you have any of them left when you're finished burning all the books."

- George Carlin R.I.P.

The ladies on the Jersey shore are freakin ugly. A lot of fighting going on that show. Typical young guidos.

this is a disgusting show. if you want to cast people cast jersey people, the same people whio frequent the bars all through the year. These kids are horrendus and show no class at all, i bet there parents are proud. Most of the people who go to the bars in seaside do not act like this, shame on mtv for painting our state to look like this, film at bars where these stupid kids live

I live at the jersey shore - have my whole life - I go to seaside year round most weekends with all my friends - this show does not potray anyone who is truly from the jersey shore - just the wannabee trash that comes around and ruins our good times.

i saw this on youtube. apparently a pilot for another new jersey reality show. is great! link:

If there is anything wrong with this show it is that in our society there is a strong interest in what this show has to offer. While I understand that for many intelligent people something like this would be considered a "guilty pleasure," but there is an increasing percentage of our population that is only interested in seeing young kids consumed with sex and partying purely enjoying all things lacking any intelligence at all.

People are all up in arms about this show. They need to get over it. There are Italians in Brooklyn that act this way and there are Italians in Jersey that are even worse. This is entertainment and should be taken at face value. I actually love the show because of the "ridiculous" factor. Sammy does have some rock legs. Snookie is unattractive and the darkest Italian I've ever seen, she almost looks African American, seriously.

Of course my favorite character is Mike "The Situation". Hate the show or love it, it's the first reality show in a long time with at least a few likable cast members. Please remember that reality shows are designed for mind numbing entertainment. If you're expecting some kind of message or even a modicum of political correctness, then you're looking for love in the wrong place.

Read an honest review of Jersey Shore from an Italian-American that actually lives in NJ.

I grew up in Evanston and my idea of the shore was watching and smelling deal alewives on the beach. I now live in Jersey and frequently go to the shore. The stereotypes are well stereotypes. Of course the show isn't accurate. Consider the programming source.There no more Italians there than you find in vacation spots places, Chicagoans frequent, like Lake Geneva or the Dells.The Jersey stereotype (Tony Soprano) isn't true.It's analogous to saying that most Chicagoans sound like they arefrom Cicero.The only bad NY accents you hear are from the daytrippers, who can't afford a hotel room, and are from Staten Island.For the most part, the Jersey shore is very nice with beautiful beaches and clean water. The shore like the people are diverse. If you visit, come in early fall when the weather and water are still warm and the prices much lower.

Go Bears and fire Angello, Lovie and Turner!!

this show is such a disgrace to the italian heritage!! they are such undereducated jerks that care nothing about their family and all about themselves maybe they should learn what it means to be italian in a family that has alot of love!!!! lets try and make something a little more realistic next time!! watched it once and was digussted.

Why don't you people from NJ take your medicine? Like you are the only people that are stereotyped because of where you live. I am from the Midwest, and people from the Northeast like NJ think the people from here are all hilljacks and that is B.S. We do not walk around in overalls and straw hats. Nor do we talk with that der der der accent that is portrayed all the time. Get over yourself.

The Jersey Shore is much more cultural and diverse than what is portrayed byt the hideous MTV show.

What did you people expect? This is MTV, which only portrays the party crowd/douchefaces of the world, period. And the show is clear on the fact that these people are visiting from other places on their summer break. Not only that, they call THEMSELVES guidos and guidettes. Did you think they were going to do a travel guide to every beach town in NJ? Get over yourselves.

Oh get a LIFE if you don't like the show, or it "offends" you for whatever reason- guess what? There are alot of little buttons with numbers on that hand held plastic thing you grip in your claw like hand, it makes the TV CHANGE IT'S CHANNEL!! How 'bout that!!! TURN OFF THE SHOW - this program is hurting noone - I think it's the best thing I've seen in a long time - thank you MTV - I for one love it. I am married, two kids, Bachelor's degree, Account Executive - Viva la Jersey Shore!!!!

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I watched this show to see what it would be like. I thought it was terrible. I actually live on the Jersey Shore. I live 10 minutes away from seaside, where it was filmed. And I am not Italian. Yeah, there are a lot of Italians in the area, but they don't act like the people on the show. I mean, how many times did they say the word, "guido". Gosh. I hope that everyone knows that only like 1 person is actually from NJ. And yeah, seaside in the summer, especially on weekends gets pretty crazy. That's why if you live by seaside, you know not to go to the beach or boardwalk on a weekend cause it will be packed with New Yorkers. This show is just about bennies coming to the Jersey Shore for the summer.

The truly funny thing about this show is that teenagers are pretty much exactly the same as they were 22 years ago when me and my friends visited the Jersey Shore. Big hair, overly concerned with their tan, too much cologne, too much hairspray, tight jeans, neon colored tops and heavy gold/silver chains.

...Oh, wait...they aren't teenagers?

Oh, no...we didn't use steroids to stay fit, no...we actually exercised rather than "juice" then drink mass quantities of alcohol and smoke cigarettes.
Then again, neither did we act like morons and tramps on broadcast television only to embarass our friends/family/selves...hmmm.

Guess things have changed!

It's actually a great portrayal of the trashiest part of the Jersey shore. People like the ones on the show are the reason I go elsewhere, while it is exaggerated it is also true and hilarious. I was born and raised in NJ and am in no way offended, half of the kids are from strong island or outside of NJ. Take it for what it's worth - a good laugh at the expense of kids who think they are cool. That is the situation.

As someone who has never been to Jersey, nor known any real italians, I truly enjoyed this show. I don't think there's enough cultural diversity shown on MTV or television in general. Every single tv show has either really pretty white people, realy smart asian people or really diverse black people. Well, i thought that AMERICA was the land of the FREE and a MELTING POT! YEAH RIGHT, not if you watch tv! There's only 3 ingredients in the soup if you listen to what the TV networks tell you.

MTV has gone out on a limb and shown that not everyone on tv is white, asian or black. IT'S ABOUT TIME. Ever since they cancelled SOPRANOS (how you doin?) there's been a complete void of coverage of the COOLEST race of all, italians. THANK YOU MTV!

First of all, if any one plans on coming to the Jersey shore for the summer, Seaside is NOT the place to go. It is nicknamed "Sleazeside" for a reason. However, it is a party spot if your like 18-21. If you are going to bother to come here, Cape May is beautiful and Wildwood has the best boardwalk. SO SO SO SO different from what MTV is portraying on this show and def worth your time.

i personally liked the show. it is pretty accurate. seaside is the wild part of the jersey shore. if your into partying, drinking, clubs, by all means, come to seaside. but if your older, settled or wanna spend time with the family, theres plenty of nice places such as wildwood, belmar, long branch, asbury park, etc. although the ocean water isnt very clean and cold all year round, its still a great place for vacation

I feel no sympathy for those who live in New Jersey. I live in central florida, where everyone in the rest of the nation think we all transport from place to place by roller coaster or the mickey mouse express. Stereotypes are natural, and you can't take it too seriously. So stop complaining and get a little laugh out of it like the rest of us.

i bet their parents are proud...ha this show makes new jersey residents look like trash

I have lived at the Jersey Shore my whole life and I will clear this up for you right now. First and foremost, if you have never been here you have to understand the geography of the area. The Jersey shore is 125 miles long going from just south of New York City to Cape May, NJ which is about 80 miles southeast of Philadelphia. In the summer at the Jersey shore, the population of many shore towns quadruples because people from other parts of NJ, New York (and in the southern Jersey Shore people from Philadelphia/PA/DE/MD) come to vacation. Seaside Heights, the town in which MTV's "Jersey Shore" takes place, has one of the biggest boardwalks in the world is ranked somewhere in the top 5 Jersey shore vacation spots (the other 4 would probably be Atlantic City, Wildwood, Belmar, and Long Beach Island).

The "stars" of this show are not from NJ with the exception of I think 2 of them. These people are for the most part from New York. People from Staten Island and Brooklyn especially are very very much like the people in this show. Yes, people who live in New Jersey have distinctive accents compared to the rest of the country and yes, there are alot of Italian people in NJ...BUT the people who actually LIVE at the Jersey shore year round do not act like the people in this show.

In the summer, Seaside Heights does get pretty wild, it's a fun place I only live 40 mins away so I go there often. It's a big party town in the summer and it's a lot of fun there. So what "Jersey Shore" shows is basically what Seaside Heights is in the summer time. Yes, you heard it from a lifetime NJ resident. But please remember what I said earlier. THE JERSEY SHORE IS 125 MILES LONG. Seaside Heights is just a tiny town that has a total area of less than 1 sq. mile on the 125 mile shore line. There are a few very popular Jersey shore destinations that get like this in the summer, but the majority of the shore is either catered to family vacations such as Long Beach Island or Point Pleasant, or is a private beach town. In those towns there are also a lot of New Yorkers but they are mostly families, not disgusting guidos like the ones shown in the show.

So please, don't judge the Jersey shore by MTV's show. It simply shows what only a few towns on the Jersey shore are like, I would say it only represents Seaside and its surrounding area, Belmar, and Wildwood (which is so far from NY that there aren't really guidos there, just annoying tourists from Philly). Had MTV picked a nicer Jersey shore town such as say Avon, Ocean Grove, Manasquan or Beach Haven they would have no ratings.

I am originally from NJ and have spent plenty of time at the shore, mainly Bayhead, Manoloking, LBI etc... I love this show and it makes me completely homesick. Do people really feel that Italian Americans are vicitms of sterotyping any more that the rest of us? These "kids" self-identify as guidos (much like the LBGTQ community reclaimed the derogatory 'queer') and are enjoying their youth and freedom doing foolish things. Watch it or don't watch it, but don't overstate it's importance...that's just silly.

Ok so I'm 16 and im a girl who lives in seaside, and its really fun in the summer but the truth is we ALL make fun off the fist-pumping GUIDOS. Besides, they don't even live here. Bennys, go home. Nobody even likes that store they work at on the show. It's one of the trashy places to shop and everyone laughed at all the girls with "I Love The Situation" on their butts. All they do is crowd our shore anyway and all of Ocean Township gets over crowded because of bennys. This show makes it seem like we are all like this, we really aren't.

I LOVE the shore and this is a very accurate representation. The only thing missing is the bleached blonde guys.
If there are any Jersey Shore boys out there, please contact me at

I have 4 points to make here

1. Like "the situation I'm young, Italian...but I'm actually from new jersey and I find "guido" to be a derogatory word. So do most people I know. I don't know where mtv got these train wrecks.

2. Most if not all of the people on this show are from somewhere in New York/Long Island ( well that is part of ny,), not New Jersey.

3. They picked a part of the Jersey Shore, seaside, which most new jerseyians themselves stay away from and is nicknamed "sleazside", known for sleazy clubs, etc.,

4. People keep asking, who cares if they make Italians/ New Jerseyans look bad.. well I have a problem with it because I'm Italian, from New Jersey and when i travel to other parts of the country people think of new jersey this way and I don't think they should.

New Jersey has a higher percentage of college graduates and professionals than many other states but because people find the stereotypes entertaining that is what sells on tv so that is what is mostly portrayed of nj. But I guess the other positive stuff is too boring to show on tv or talk about.

"MTV is providing a one-dimensional, dramatized version of a very small group of visitors' summer experiences in one Jersey Shore town."

Um, is that not what you do when you make a reality tv show, focus on a small group of visitors experiences? I'm not understanding why they are getting so worked up. Although I was born in NJ, I'm not familiar with this town but I know that small group of people couldn't possibly be what the Jersey shore is all about. Be glad you are gaining some exposure and sit down!

Being from NJ and growing up down at the shore I am NOT offended by the show. The show is for entertainment purposes only. It is not a show that is trying to knock the jersey shore or italians for that matter. It is a show portraying people that are incredibly out of their minds. If you are offended by this then you should not watch the show. It is clearly stated that these people are not from the shore and they are going to the shore with their own agendas. Yes there are people like this down the shore and there are people not like this. Accept one persons portrayal of a group of tourists doing their own thing, or do not watch. There are way more important issues in the world right now that should be looked at before complaining about a show. IT IS STRICTLY A SHOW FOR ENTERTAINMENT, IF THESE PEOPLE ARE OK WITH THE WAY THEY ARE BEING PORTRAYED THEN IT SHOULD NOT MATTER TO ANY VIEWER AT ALL. Afterall they are the ones that will have to live with this embarrassing footage of them for the rest of their lives. Don't waste your energy on this show and focus more on the important issues in life, especially this time of year.

This show was actually called "Ultimate Butterface". But they didn't want to offend, so they changed the name to "Jersey Shore"

if there was not any truth to this then mtv would not have a show. Certain towns are worse than others. Seaside is a dump and is full of guidos. Belmar used to be bad, but they cleaned it up. I live in the area and mtv could not be any closer to the truth.

They're right. The Jersey Shore is a great place to have fun, and not everyone is quite as absurd as presented on this show. Come visit us, you'll like it.

"Jersey shore" is actually worse than this show gives off. Yeah, these kids are let loose and doing stupid sh*t cause they're on TV - trombone head) Atlantic city "On The Boardwalk" is a huge scum bag slum gathering on this earth -PERIOD. If you dont like old dirty (sorta painted over) run down buildings, gambling, prostitutes, drugs, crime, fights, loud music and stuff like that... dont go there. OH! and lets not forget the 1916 shark attacks which inspired the movie JAWS. great place to take the family innit :)


Please...the New Jersey shore is a dump, and is consistently rated poorly for water pollution.

Ok, the guys are complete tools, but at least they wear some nice gear - Affliction, in particular. I found the cheapest Afflication gear on the web at

As a lifelong resident of the Jersey Shore I'm wildly offended by MTV's portrayal of my home state. MTV is painting the Garden State with a broad brush, airing a show full of stereotypes and starring people who don't even LIVE in New Jersey. A more accurate title for this show would be "Tourists" since no Shore resident I've ever encountered looks, talks or acts like the people on the show. Not only is the show offensive to the Shore locals, it's also incredibly offensive to Italian Americans, especially the constant use of the word 'guido'. Have we forgotten the original use for the term? One with negative and racist connotations? MTV should be ashamed by this program and the fact they're casting New Jersey in a negative light to a nation that doesn't know any better.

I also thank you for asking for input, rather than making assumptions based off the show.

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