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Fear -- or dread -- of flying after most recent terrorism attempt?

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Did the attempted bombing of a Northwest plane on Christmas Day convince anyone that they've had enough of flying?

Did you cancel air travel plans -- or not make them -- because you don't think air travel is safe anymore?

Or maybe because you just don't want the headache of extra wait times and security procedures at airports in the wake of the terrorism attempt?

I'm curious to know how, if at all, this will affect the flying public. Let me know what you think...

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I think every ones "fear or dread of flying" is just letting the terrorists win. Why did the terrorists start doing this in the first place? Because they hate the way Americans live because God- not allah -blessed us and cursed us in that way. Hiding out and refusing to go on the airplaines is streight pathetic. And seriosly, as messed up as it will sound, even if there is a terror attack on an airplane, the chances of you being caught in it are slim. Its unfortunate for those we are caught in it, but in the end the terorist makes up for it by burning in- you get the picture. Thats my take, if you dont like it, cry me a river, biuld me a bridge, and get the hell over it. Thanks.

It is more dread of flying than fear of flying. There is also a lot of anger about the terrorists who are creating an environment of fear that leads to more burdensome security measures.

I don't mind flying. It's airports that annoy me. I would imagine Hell is administered much like O'Hare is.

I have a mild anxiety disorder that over the years has manifested when getting on an airplane. What really worries me is the last time I flew my anxiety seemed unusually high. I took my meds but they didn't seem to help me. I wanted to just stand up and yell , " Help, I can't calm down. Just help.!" My sister said they would have grabbed, duct taped me shut and handed me to the nearest FED when the plane landed. The problem for me now is, yes I understand with more security and scrutiny when flying but what about me. I honestly think I am going to be unable to fly. That would be devastating!

At the fear of flying course I offer at, after 9/11, our phones went almost dead for months. No one, it seemed, wanted to get over fear of flying.

The only calls we got were from people who had to fly, and 9/11 had made things worse. Then, after about eight months, call volume was normal again.

This time, there has been little change, but most of the calls are coming from people who must fly.

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