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My brush with Killers at the airport

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While en route Monday from Chicago to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, my husband and I were standing in a long line waiting to go through immigration at the airport in Monterrey, Mexico.

I saw several guys (a couple of whom were very tall and wearing very tight jeans) get in line behind us.

I see the immigration guy approach one of them and quietly ask for his autograph. The guys are clearly in a rock band but I can't figure out who they are.

"The Keelers," the immigration guy says to me. The Killers???? Right here??? In line??? Behind us???

Some older woman in line asks the lead singer to pose for her with a photo. He smiles and does it. She later confesses to me she has no idea who the Killers are. But she's super excited about her photo.

The line isn't budging, so the immigration guy comes back and discreetly motions for one of the Killers to follow him -- he'll let them go through the line reserved for diplomats and crew (and famous rock stars, apparently).

The band slips off the back of the line and moves into the new one. As they're moving into the fast lane, my husband turns to them and says (in a joking manner), "Hey, you guys are killin' us."

One of them turns back, smiles and says, "That's what we do." Another one of them raises his hand in a wave and says, "Sorry, man." And he wasn't saying it in a jerky way.

I'm one of those people that hates it when other people cut in line. But these guys were acting so normal and down to earth as they waited with the rest of us, I'd let them line jump any day. Posing for photos. Signing autographs. Better yet: not using their rock star clout to demand preferential treatment. The immigration guy offered; they didn't demand. And they were really humble about moving into the diplomat line, too.

Rock on, Killers.

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Hi Lori. Happy New Year! I'd forgotten about this for a bit. I'm posting something on The Killers' fan site - it's called The Victims - and googled some information that I want to include. Your story came up in the search so I looked back in and saw your reply to my comment.

So how was the show? Where's your review? ;-D From the reports we got on the Victims and from what we saw on YouTube, the Mexican shows really rocked. All the South American shows did. But from what I gather from the band's comments and the fan's comments, it was Lima that was one of the very best.

So, I have one more sleep to go and I'll be seeing them in Singapore. It'll be their first ever Singapore show. It's not too late to get tix to the Aussie festivals they're playing next months. ;-D

I'm a Victim too and I'm so jealous. I live in Las Vegas and so do they and I have yet to spot them around town! I'm gonna go hang out in airports in Mexico.

You are so so lucky! Congratulations. I love the Killers and i would kill to meet them! Im in love with Brandon Flowers and i would die if i met him (either that or go back into school girl mode which would not look so good!) I live in the UK and iv been ill for a few years so when they came over here earlier this year i couldnt go to any of their concerts! Im gutted because theyre not coming back now for another two years and im still too ill to fly to the US to see them!Hopefully one day i will be up to it. I want to see Brandon on stage so much and id do anything to meet him and get his autograph and a pic with him! Im a massive fan and a victim and im extremely jealous of you but also happy for you too!!

haha there so down to earth!

and I laughed out loud when i read someones comment :D
I did the exact same thing! I thought it was ronnie who said the "thats what we do"
and Dave who said the "sorry man" haha!

I love The Killers and one of the reasons is that the lead singer is so handsome and that they are always so polite when they give interviews. I hope that it will not be too long before they return to the U.K. Very lucky to be in the queue with them, and they are most definitely thye best band I have seen.

The Killers are awesome!

hi! This was very fun to read! I have heard that they are very down to earth, and you prove it by sharing this story. Thank you :)

My guess: it was Ronnie who replied "That's what we do" and Dave who said "Sorry, man." ;)

omg that is soooo coool!!! i wish that would happen to me. the killers are the best band everrrrr! youre soooo lucky!

Hey Lori, that's our boys for you - the sweetest Killers you'll find. I'm Australian and a member of The Killers' fan club, The Victims - a diverse group of people from all over the world. Let's just say I'm so much older than I can take (to borrow a lyric from The Killers), and these guys and their awesome music inspired me and many others like me to join a fan club for the first time in our lives.

Little did I know then that this would open a whole new way to see the world. I've not long returned after a month in the US, seeing a dozen of their concerts in seven states, including in their home town, Las Vegas.

If you haven't seen them already, I recommend you do what I did and travel somewhere in the world to go to a Killers' show. It's a different angle for a travel story and I'm sure you could convince your editor to go for it. Ha, ha. After South America, they're playing venues in places like Capetown and Johannesburg in South Africa, Abu Dhabi in the UAE, and Sydney, Perth, the Gold Coast and Melbourne down here. Take your pick! Or hang the expense, and see 'em all!

omg that is so awesome.
just wondering, is Monterrey, Mexico airport a main one in Mexico or...?

The Killers are an amazing band! That's such a cool story!

OMG congratulations! I'm so jealous, I'm dying to meet them :P, maybe I'll go to the airport next friday, could you please tell me around wich time and wich day you saw them please? Thanks in advance

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