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Reader needs help: Where to celebrate her 30th birthday?

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I had a message in my inbox this morning from a reader who's turning 30 on Oct. 23 and wants to go somewhere really special -- for a week -- to celebrate. She was looking for ideas, which I supplied below.

If you have any suggestions of your own, post 'em here. We're always looking for great travel ideas.

Here's what I told her:

Happy birthday in advance, and good for you for shunning the staycation :)

One week isn't a lot of time to leave the country, but it's certainly not out of the question. My advice would be head south, as in South America. That way you won't spend your week jet lagging since the time in a lot of S. American countries is very similar to our time zone. Have you been to Buenos Aires? It's a fantastic city -- so European in flavor but with that exciting Latin American vibe. It's also a bargain: the exchange rate is fantastic right now. And at the end of October, it will be their spring, so the weather should be nice. You could spend a few nights in BA (lots of small, boutique hotels there that are really cute) and maybe tack on a couple nights and head to Mendoza, Argentina's wine country.

If you're into wine, don't rule out doing a wine country cycling trip to Napa. At that time of the year, they'll be harvesting the grapes and it should be beautiful. I did a trip like that with Backroads many moons ago around the same time of the year, and it was great. The nice thing about going with a group like Backroads is they'll take care of all the logistics so you can just enjoy the experience and not have to think.

If you have a bit of extra money lying around, Easter Island off the coast of Chile would certainly be an unforgettable experience. In fact, you could spend a few nights in Santiago, Chile -- a fun city -- and then fly to Easter Island for three or four nights. When on Easter Island, stay at Explora. It's a beautiful hotel and they have a bunch of guided activities you can take part in.

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I wish u also "Happy Birthday" *smile*

I have to say, that the 30th birthday is the hardest birthday!
Now I am old, said my wife...
But: Happy Birthday from me!
King Regards

How about recommending a short vacation at St. Vincent & The Grenadines, located in the carribean. Most of the smaller island belonging to that state are really beautiful, but at the same time relatively quite & everything but overcrowded.

South America is a good idea. And Easter Island is a must.
Anyway, depending what kind of person is the reader (adventurous, curious, traveller or tourist)I would suggest to try also countries which usually are not usual paths for tourists, such as Colombia. Now, don´t get scared and only think of farc, narcotraffic and violence. There are such beutiful sides of Colombia which are worthy to be seen. I´m German and as a foreign traveller I felt completely safe during my trip last december (full sommer there). It´s just important to know where you shouldn´t go (such as "Los llanos").
I suggest to go to the Carribean coast and espacially the Tairona national park. Among enchanting coasts, nature,comfortable facilities, you can even visit some historical places of the natives. Fascinating..
And then or before also break your journey´s in Cartagena.

As a guest services coordinator for Classic Journeys, a walking adventure tour company, I had to smile when I read this blog entry. I just got off the phone with a repeat guest of ours from Sycamore, IL, who is in Peru right now. She was mountain biking in the Sacred Valley and announced that she was "muddy and exhausted...but having a great time!" Coincidentally, our upcoming Peru and Machu Picchu trip departs on October 25, so if your reader could wait two days to celebrate her birthday in the Andes, she would have an unforgettable week!

Julie Gennaro
La Jolla, CA

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