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Delta adds baggage fee

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Delta Air LInes has jumped on the baggage fee bandwagon, announcing it will impose a $15 fee to check a first bag, the Associated Press reported. The fee takes effect Dec. 5 and applies to customers flying within the U.S.

Have a second bag that needs checking? That one'll cost you $25.

Delta passengers flying in first or biz class, including SkyMiles Medalion members and WorldPerks Elite members, will be able to check up to three bags for free.

The good news: Delta has scrapped its $25-$100 fuel surcharges assessed for SkyMiles and Northwest's World Perks award ticket travel originating from the U.S. and Canada. (Delta recently took over Northwest.)

As for curbside check in, Delta said it will drop the $3 fee it had been charging as of Dec. 5.

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I don't think this is a good practice. Fuel prices has been dropping for months. I'm traveling from Mexico.

Suddenly, Delta has an urgent need to impose baggage fees. No doubt to compensate for "rising" fuel prices. Hey dunderheads, fuel prices have been dropping for months. Now get your stinking hands out of our pocketbooks. Charge the fees up front like honest businessmen. If the ticket is right people will pay it.

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