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No peanuts -- or porn -- on Delta

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Delta Air Lines plans to block inappropriate Web sites (read: pornographic sites) from its soon-to-be-offered in-flight Wi-Fi service, according to a recent story in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The airline is working with a Wi-Fi provider to use Internet tools to block certain sites. American Airlines, which also is going to roll out in-flight Wi-Fi soon, reportedly is going to rely on its flight attendants to make sure the guy in 12B isn't looking at naughty stuff on the Web.

All of this is interesting.....I mean, what's to stop someone from thumbing through a copy of Jugs on your next flight? Do airlines confiscate passengers' hard copies of porn?

I'm not saying I disagree with Delta's move. I just never thought about the potential for porn problems at 30,000 feet.

What do you think?

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I agree with Delta. Why should anyone have to watch porn halfway up to heaven with kids & families sitting in the next seat? Another surprise is people watching porn in car DVDs while sitting in traffic jams...

I can see where the passenger next to me might get upset with some chick's rack displayed on my 17" monitor. Sounds like a reasonable plan to block the sites. I wouldn't want to be the American Airlines staff, though.

Well, if you can't find someone to join you in the "Mile High Club", you gotta get it from somewhere.

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