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Win an Arctic Adventure

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Want to see the Arctic before it melts?

The Museum of Science and Industry is giving away a trip for two on the National Geographic Expedition - Land of the Polar Bears adventure. For a shot at winning, you have to correctly answer 25 trivia questions about the museum. That'll get a chance at winning the grand prize trip.

The trip sounds pretty sweet, btw. It's an 11-day excursion that includes roundtrip airfare to Oslo, Norway, where you'll travel by plane to Svalbard. From there, you and your guest will embark on the expedition ship National Geographic Explorer.

Oh yeah, one more thing: If you win, can I come?

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Sorry I missed this contest - is another planned. Thanks for all your interesting posts.

Love the Museum, would love the chance to experience the Arctic. (I also love how every topic is politically hot these days... never miss a chance for a political parry, eh Brien?)

The Arctic Adventure will be majestic and seeing polar bears will be enthralling. Keep in mind that Sarah Palin, The GOP Vice Presidential candidate, opposed placing direly imperiled polar bears on the endangered species list.

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