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Contact lens solution and carry on luggage

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Do you wear contact lenses?

Do you try to always carry on your luggage when you fly?

Are you sick of getting ripped off when you buy those 2 ounce and 4 ounce bottles of contact lens solution so you can meet the liquid requirements for carry on luggage?

Me too!


My coworker told me her sister says she always flies with a regular sized bottle of contact lens solution.

"How can that be?" I asked.

She said it's considered a medical supply, so it's not subject to the 3-ounce restriction on liquids, aerosols and gels.

I was skeptical. So I called the media line at the TSA to get to the bottom of it. Sure enough, a spokeswoman told me contact lens solution is indeed considered a medical supply. All you have to do is declare it at the screening check point. (You need to take it out of the luggage and show it to the TSA folks when you declare it.)

Sometimes, travel editors are the last to know....

I can't wait to try this out in person when I fly to Montana this weekend. Let's just hope the TSA agent is aware of the "medical supply" rule, too.

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If you don't carry the water with you, you sould be no problem. TSA officers sometimes nice to let you go even you carry by yourself.

Contact lens quality is very important. Low-quality contact lenses can damage the eye, causing irritations or hurting the eyelid or the cornea.

Currently it is estimated that over 100 million people worldwide wear contact lenses.

The rules are always up to human interpretation. I agree with that.

I could go thru Logan with the 12z bottle but don't try it in Phoenix. Must be a different country cause they go by different rules. Lost my saline 2x in phoenix even with a print out from the tsa website!

Actually, I've tried it four times now, and I haven't had a problem. The TSA officers let me put it in the gray bin without a hitch.

Anyone else out there have trouble?

Most are aware of it, but their Supervisor's/Screening Manager's, have a different interpretation of the rule. I bet you my paycheck if you went to O'Hare and tried all 4 Terminals.. you would get at least 2 different answers and more than likely 3. Those rules are always up to human interpretation and if the Supervisor training their Officer's are morons.. then it's jacked up.

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