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Paso Robles wineries: where to go

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California's Paso Robles has seen explosive growth in its number of wineries over the past decade. The region now has nearly 200 licensed, bonded winemakers. If you have a weekend or so to visit, there's no way you're hitting them all (and living to tell about it).

So here's my pick for a few places worth seeking out:

Anglim Winery — Husband and wife (Northwestern graduate and former Chicagoan) team run this high quality, boutique winery where you can enjoy a free tasting (or pay a few bucks to taste their reserve wines).

Adelaida Cellars — The region's first pinot noir was planted here at this lovely winery and vineyard that has a cozy tasting room and friendly staff.

Halter Ranch Vineyard — My favorite of the bunch. Gorgeous setting by a restored Victorian home, where they'll sometimes have wine dinners and other food-related events. Ask to see the ginormous oak tree on the property.

L'Aventure — A colorful Frenchman is in charge here, and the result is spectacular. This place is known for taking chances and blending some unusual varietals to come up with truly unique wines.

Robert Hall Winery — One of the prettiest vineyards and wineries I've seen in California. They sometimes have concerts on the sprawling grounds.

Justin Vineyards & Winery — This is the place that put Paso on the map. It's a little far removed from the other wineries, but fans of Justin wine will want to make the trip.

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Don't miss this region's fine olive oils. California olive oil is another fabulous agricultural industry and this area's olive oils go hand in hand with our fine wines. What more do you need? Oh, some good dunking bread. My husband and I produce an excellent Tuscan Blend EVO (Allure Estates) and to compliment this, have decided to turn our 5 varietals of estate wine into wine vinegars. We figured there is so much fantastic wine here, why compete? We make vinegar, on purpose! This region has it all. Come visit.

I think the best wine I tasted in Paso was the Eos petit syrah. Fantastic!

I"m fairly new to The Central Coast - moved here from Maryland in February - and was thrilled to be relocated to what I now consider to be California's TRUE Wine Country! I love it here.

46 East & 46 West are great places to go wine tasting, you'll be bombarded with one winery after the other on this beautiful and scenic drive.

I have to say, though, that one winery stands out from all the rest. Eos Estate Winery, about 5 minutes off of the 101 on 46 East is amazing.

Not only have they committed to the environment and gone 100% SOLAR POWER but their wine is great. They have a few different labels ranging from those with softer tastes for new wine drinkers to very very bold varietals that will appeal to more seasoned wine lovers.

My personal favorite is the Lost Angel Mischief Blend - a red which I think goes with just about any meal.

My other favorite is Zenaida which is much smaller and on 46 West. But that might be a prejudice, one of my closest friends is a wine maker there :)

We have been exploring the Paso Robles wine country since 1998. Each year we take a trip to this area and discover new and interesting wineries. Tops on our list is Tablas Creek Vineyards. Tablas Creek produces wonderful Rhone style wines. They also have a vine nursery on the premises and a great winery tour. Your recommendations are excellent but a trip to Paso would not be complete without a visit to Tablas Creek. For more information check out

You can find information on many more Paso Robles wineries by visiting

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