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Delta Air Lines ticket holders: it pays to speak up

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This just in from the U.S. Dept. of Transportation:

Delta Air Lines will refund payments for a second checked bag to passengers who bought tickets before the carrier adopted its new checked-baggage fees and who complain about the charge, according to an agreement between the carrier and the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Aviation Enforcement Office.

Delta, according to the agreement, also will not assess the $25 second-bag fee for passengers who bought tickets before the new fees were adopted and object to the charge during check-in on future flights at a ticket counter.

The Aviation Enforcement Office will provide Delta with complaints it receives about the charge to help the carrier provide refunds to eligible passengers. The carrier also agreed that within two months it would modify its procedures to be able to ensure that passengers who bought tickets before the fee was adopted are not charged for a second bag weighing up to 50 pounds, whether or not they complain.

Delta, which previously accepted two checked bags without charge, announced on April 9 that beginning May 5 it would accept only one checked bag without charge.

The agreement follows a notice to airlines last month from the Aviation Enforcement Office that airlines and travel agents must disclose fees for checking a first or second bag in their internet and print ads and before anyone buys a ticket.

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