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Single parents and their kids can learn how to sail during Offshore Sailing School's "Single Parents Week" July 13-18 in Ft. Myers, Fla. It's the first time the school has designated a week just for solo parents and their children.

The five-day course includes morning classroom instruction and half-day on-water instruction each day except Friday, when you have a practice sail without the instructor.

OK, all you "SATC" fans: What's the name of the Brooklyn restaurant where Carrie and her posse enjoy a post-wedding brunch?

Here's a hint: It's famous for its cheesecake.

Be the first to respond here with the right answer, and I'll send you a copy of the hardcover "Sex and the City" companion guide to the movie.

This just in from the U.S. Dept. of Transportation:

Delta Air Lines will refund payments for a second checked bag to passengers who bought tickets before the carrier adopted its new checked-baggage fees and who complain about the charge, according to an agreement between the carrier and the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Aviation Enforcement Office.

California's Paso Robles has seen explosive growth in its number of wineries over the past decade. The region now has nearly 200 licensed, bonded winemakers. If you have a weekend or so to visit, there's no way you're hitting them all (and living to tell about it).

So here's my pick for a few places worth seeking out:

Anglim Winery — Husband and wife (Northwestern graduate and former Chicagoan) team run this high quality, boutique winery where you can enjoy a free tasting (or pay a few bucks to taste their reserve wines).

Looking for something to do this weekend that doesn't entail getting anywhere close to an airport?

Here are a few ideas:

Palestine, Ill., hosts the 2nd annual Betsey Reed Festival. Who's Betsey Reed? Apparently she was the only woman put to death by hanging in the state of Illinois. Now, she has a festival named after her. There's a wine tasting, dinner, art show, carnival, ghost hunters, mock fortune telling and, of course, casket races. Let the good times roll June 6-7 and find out more at

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