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Travel quiz: Countries that start with A

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If you picked up Sunday's Travel section, you might have seen the question asking for the two countries in the world that start with the letter A but end in a letter other than A.

Be the first to reply here with the correct answer and you'll win a copy of Fodor's European Ports of Call book.

Be patient, though. I'm in California at the moment and it might take me a little time to check the comments.



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kids who like countries usually like telephones. when you look at countries it reminds you of an elephant

hey, it's Azerbaijan and Afganistan, and plus, i'm FROM Azerbaijan so that should be a bonus! men azerbaijanniyame gagash! adimda gulludu sozun var?!?

Is today illiterates' day out?

Afghanistan and Azerbaijan.

The instructions were to name two countries that start with the letter A but end in a letter OTHER THAN A. How can Gregg be right?

Lori's response: Gregg is right because his answers end in "N," which is a letter other than "A."

How about Australia and Argentina? And I've been to both.

Gregg: Not only are you right, but you're first. Well done!

Bonus points if you've been to either of these countries. Didn't think so.

But good work. Email me your address at and I'll get your book in the mail.

Thanks for playing...


Two countries Afhanistan and Azirbargan

The countries are Afghanistan and Azerbaijan.

Algeria and Albania

Could the correct answer be Afghanistan and Azerbaijan?

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