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Post your vacation photos on our Web site

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One of the best parts of going on vacation is looking at all the pictures you took.

We're building on our new online Travel photo gallery, and we'd love to get a few of your best shots in there. We're especially looking for fun photos with people in them. (Although we like those beautiful sunrise and landscape shots, too.)

If you have any you'd like to share, shoot them to me in an email at, along with your name, hometown and a very brief description of what we're looking at.

If we get enough good ones, maybe we'll have an online contest and ask readers to vote on the best ones.

So don't be shy -- email me your pix asap so you can show everyone where you've been.



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Scenes from "The Notebook" were filmed at Boone Plantation in Charleston. We were there 1 1/2 years ago on a tour. Beautiful!

That sounds like fun! Have you set a deadline for submission of pix?

Also, have you established criteria for judging (other than: "it's the best!")?

Hi Rita: There's no deadline; we hope to keep adding photos to the gallery on an ongoing basis. And it's a really casual "contest." No specific criteria for the winners. I'm just looking for the photo that best catches my eye. I'll probably pick one winning photo every month or so and drop that person an email letting them know they've won. I get a bunch of great travel guides sent to me, so I'll let the winner choose a book that he or she is interested in.

I bet you have some good pictures....send 'em my way!

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