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Airlines are experiencing some of the worst delays in history.....

24 percent of flights arrived late January-October, the second worst delays on record.

A recent AP story quoted the president of the Air Travelers Association said if the system continues at capacity, "two hour delays will become the new normal."

If you travel with any regularity, you must have experienced a delay yourself.

Sum up your worst airline delay in 100 words or less on this blog. The best sob story will win a copy of Zagat's "Top U.S. Hotels, Resorts and Spas."

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On Jan. 06,2008 our family of 4 was off to family vacation which we looked forward to for 6 month. We were off to cruise with Carnival Cruise lines departing from Miami at 4pm EST. Out flight out of O'hare was schdeuled 9:40am American Airlines. First flight was delayed almost by an hour due to plane arriving late from St.Louis. Then as we board the plane the captain announce that their is a mechanical problem and we are waiting for mechanic to take a look at the problem before we take off. About 11:45am mechanic comes in to the plane and instead going to cockpit he goes toward the back of the planne and look at the metal counter which food serving id done by steward. On top of the counter metal bar was bent slightely. The mechanic takes a look from 10 feet away and says to steward " you gotta be kidding me " You are good to go and by the time we were clear to take off it was 12:15pm CST. When we finally got to Miami we missed the ship due to we arrived at Miami at 4pm EST. I went up to customer service at American Airlines to see if they could help us get to San Jan PR which was our ships first stop. The representive from American Airlines told us their is nothing they could do even declined to give us lower rate to get to San Juan. American Airlines wanted $650.00 per person for one way ticket to San Juan. After argueing and so disgusted I called a friend in Chicago to go line and and help me find a cheapest flight out of Miami to San Juan. We ended up taking taxi to Ft Lauderdale which cost me $90.00 then overnight stay at hotel for 1 night $150.00 then to catch 6am flight out of FT Lauderdale Spirit Airlines $375.00 per person to get to San Juan then Spirit Airlines loses my wife bag at San Juan but they found it next morning which we were so happy they did. Also we spent $275.00 for 1 night hotel stay due to ship arrives in San Juan on Tuesday 5pm. I ended up spending $2,400.00 (including food) more then I should due to America Airlines and incomptency crew for report rod bent on top of the food counter which has nothing to do with planes performance. Most of all I just could not believe American Airlines not taking any responsibility on this. This vacation was suppose to be one we were all looking forward to but it was worst vacation we ever took due to we did not have any money to spent once we got to the ship due to we ended up spending all the money plus more just to get to San Juan. I will never fly America Airlines again.

I was trying to get to Phoenix last summer and was on the significantly-delayed United flight that ultimately clipped another plane's wing on the runway and had to return to the gate. Nobody was there to help us when we de-planed. I called United "customer service" and, still somewhat shaken, told them what happened. There was a long pause. I figured they were concerned and getting someone in a position of authority to speak with me, but when the United representative returned to the phone the only thing he said was, "Can you make a 9pm flight to Phoenix tonight?"

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