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Which city should get the 2016 Olympics?

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Olympic Committee chairman Peter Ueberroth says Chicago isn't among the top two choices on the list of favorites for the coveted 2016 Summer Olympics.

He says Madrid, Spain; Tokyo; and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil have us beat so far.

I'm thinking Rio's well publicized crime problems might count against that fun-loving, thong-wearing party town.

As for Japan, I recently met with some tourism folks from that country. They seemed pretty confident they'd snag the games right out from under us. Then again, they're biased. But so am I. Having the Olympics in Chicago would be a boon (at least I think so) not only for my hometown, but for my place of employment.

Have you ever been to any of the Top 3 cities?

If so, do you think they deserve the games more than us?

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1 Comment

I support Baku bid. I have been there and this is nice and european city, hope to visit it in 2016 olympics :)

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