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The best and worst airports

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Hate the bathrooms at JFK?

Wish O'Hare had better Wi-Fi coverage?

Love the food options at Heathrow?

Here's your chance to vote on what you love and hate about airports around the world., a discount travel web site, is hosting its First Annual International Travelers Choice Awards, Airport Edition.

In this wired world, people have a chance to voice their opinion to just about every company they buy from, but they can't do that when it comes to airports. wants to give you that voice and let airports know what they're doing right, and what they're doing wrong.

Categories include: Most loved dining, most loved security, most loved shopping, most hated traffic, most hated for losing luggage and most hated bathrooms.

"We feel it is essential for travelers to have a say on things that really matter to them when they fly," said Assen Vassilev, co-founder of "We want to applaud those airports that do things right, like have efficient checkpoints. And we want to put on notice those that cause travelers headaches with messy check in or traffic."

The survey is quick and easy and can be found at

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There're many good ones around all destinations. Sure, people will love foods at Heathrow, but Charles de Gaulle in Paris or Changi Airport or Incheon International Airport in Seoul, they're also considered as the best layover airport in the world that every can be impressed on their best facilities

Charles de Gaulle in Paris can be one of the good one. I'm very impress with thier facilities. For me, it is one of the best layover airports in the world

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