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Vacation rental homes

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I have to say, renting a home turned out to be the best move we could make on this family vacation to Cape Cod.

I think I've shied away of renting homes in the past because I'm always dubious about the home living up to its photo and description. Nothing beats a personal recommendation, which is why I want to share the place I rented with you.

I'd love to hear if you've come across any good rental finds on your travels. Share your secrets right here....

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We stayed in southwest Michigan right across from the beach and this place was fantastic! The price was right on and we had a blast! The property manager was on the ball. We recommend this place to anyone and everyone. We will be going back every year.

For years, family and I rented homes on Lake Michigan in the Upper Peninsula (UP), essentially across Green Bay from Door County. I think the UP, with its 5-6 hour drive, low prices and natural beauty is an area that Chicagoans really miss. It really is like another world up in the north woods. What's nice is that in using the UP as one's starting point, a family can visit waterfalls, Lake Superior, take in world-class fishing, and even make a round-tripper to Mackinac Island. It has a lot of that Cape Cod charm at less than half the price. I personally like for finding rentals all over the US.

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