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Reader request: Solo traveler looking for a tour group

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A reader named Ed needs your help. He's in his 70's and he's looking to sign up for a tour of Spain, Greece or South America.

He wants to find a tour company where the groups are small (around 15 people), not exclusively made up of couples or youngsters, and not super active. He's looking for something a little more leisurely, like sightseeing in the morning and some free time in the afternoon.

And he'd appreciate keeping the cost down, so no ultra-luxury tour groups for him.

Anyone had an experience traveling with a company that fits Ed's bill? If so, I'd love to hear about it. And so would Ed.....

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We recently cruised Holland America Line to Alaska. We appreciated the shore excursions that they offered to us. There were varying prices as well as different levels of physical activity to choose from. We filled our days and nights on shore completely with our selections. However, one can take as few as one wants. The length of time involved in a shore excursion varies also. All of them met our great expectations.

I would advise that you travel when school is in session.

Holland America does have cruises to Spain as well as Greece. Check them out at

Bon Voyage, Ed.

Rita Brunn

One reader sent me an email with a v. good suggestion: Elderhostel. They have trips all over the world.

Check them out at or call (800) 454-5768.

South America is a great place for people of Ed's profile to travel. Tons of great culture to discover! Please check out our website, or our blog http// for recommendations from our local experts!

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