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Spring Green lodging

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The Spring Green area has no shortage of places to stay, whether you're in the market for a family friendly resort, quaint B&B or quirky hotel that's a throwback to the 1970s.

A reader named Ed needs your help. He's in his 70's and he's looking to sign up for a tour of Spain, Greece or South America.

He wants to find a tour company where the groups are small (around 15 people), not exclusively made up of couples or youngsters, and not super active. He's looking for something a little more leisurely, like sightseeing in the morning and some free time in the afternoon.

In case you don't want to wait for Grenada to become a tourism hot spot, there are several great places you can stay at right now.

Cincy story

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If anyone ends up taking my advice and heads to Cincinnati at the end of the month for the Cubs game, I'd love to get your feedback -- especially on chili parlors.

Dirty hotel rooms?

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The American Medical Association House of Delegates recently had their annual meeting in Chicago, and a surprising topic came up on the agenda: dirty hotel glasses.

Do you think our state capital is the “real” Springfield in “The Simpsons?” Springfields across the country are competing for the honor, and the lucky winner will host one of the premieres for the upcoming Simpsons’ movie.

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