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Mother's Day getaway ideas

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Flowers and brunch are nice, but a vacation would surely be raising the bar on Mother's Day gifts.

We're looking for some ideas on places to take mom for a much deserved getaway. I'm really interested in hearing your suggestions - or your experience on traveling with mom in tow....

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A tourist spot or recreational idea that is within the vicinity of your place will be a fine "gift" for mothers on their special day. It may be a beach, historical / memorable sites and places, or wonderful places that Nature has built. The important thing is to have a good time with your mom.

Getaways for part of the day are always welcome. I'm thinking of the time the Scout Troop of one of my son's organized a Mother's Day Tour at the Chicago Botanic Gardens replete with lunch in their cafeteria. Now the Gardens have patio dining to make it even more inviting!

If one lives in the city, a trip to a nearby 'burb would be delightful taking in the sights and lunch or dinner in the area. Of course, the reverse is true since I, as a suburban mother, always enjoy dining in the city along with a walk thru the 'hoods, Millennium Park, a visit to our museum campus, the Art Institute, MCA, Chicago Historical Society and more.

In addition, taking into account the particular mom's interests, whether they be biking, art, gardening, etc. presents numerous opportunities for an adventure such as the opportunity I had one mother's day to shop at many different distant garden centers until I found just what I wanted: a much sought after plant for my gardens. It was fun driving it a long distance with it blowin' in the wind (without the availability of a sun roof on my son's then Honda, that would not have been possible.

And, again speaking for myself, I did appreciate the time taken by my sons to shop with me for a particular style of silk blouse that I was looking for. We found it! However, only after visiting many fine shops. I can't imagine too many moms turning down an opportunity to shop whether for something specific or to select a gift that they had not thought of before.

One more suggestion along the shopping line: Green City will be open then and it is always much fun to talk with the vendors, make purchases, watch a cooking demo, and relax while listening to the music du jour at the Market. BTW, the flower selection there is excellent and mom can select her own! Then, taking all that beautiful and healthy fresh produce back home (whether that be in the city or 'burbs) and cooking a gourmet meal with fresh organic food served on a table with flowers, candles, and lovely linens would be appreciated. The produce, flowers, and candles are available for sale at the Market.

So, get ready for Mother's Day by making it extremely special: personalize it!

Rita Brunn
Marketing Specialist and Illinois Master Gardener

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