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Mint juleps

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Here's an unusual recipe for a mint julep with a twist, courtesy of Proof on Main restaurant in Louisville...

The traditional mint julep combines the simple ingredients of sugar, mint, crushed ice and of course, bourbon. Proof on Main adds fresh strawberries as a twist on this Kentucky classic. The signature silver mint julep tumbler is the preferred glass in which to serve the mint julep in order to ensure this refreshing cocktail is as cold as possible.


2 ounces Kentucky Woodford Reserve Bourbon
fresh mint sprigs
2 large ripe strawberries
2 ounces simple mint syrup
Crushed ice

Mint Simple Syrup Preparation: To achieve the desired results this syrup is best prepared in advance. Heat two cups of water and two cups of sugar together, stirring over medium heat for approximately five minutes. Cool and place dissolved mixture in a covered container. Add six to eight bruised mint sprigs and refrigerate overnight, strain syrup to remove mint sprigs.

Strawberry Mint Julep Preparation:

1. Chill silver mint julep tumbler
2. Add mint syrup, 1 strawberry and 2 mint leaves
3. Gently muddle strawberry, syrup and mint leaves
4. Fill tumbler half full with crushed ice
5. Add one ounce bourbon
6. Stir
7. Fill glass with crushed ice
8. Add remaining bourbon
9. Garnish with mint sprig and sliced strawberries
Serve with short straw that just protrudes over top of julep tumbler to ensure the aroma of fresh mint.

Have you ever had a great mint julep? Tell us where, and what made it so good?

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