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Lost luggage sob stories?

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What a great way to start your honeymoon in Sicily: Lost luggage. For nearly a week.

I guess three connecting flights are too much to ask of the airline industry, because our bags were lost on the way to Sicily and on the way home to Chicago. The bigger hassle by far was the bags being lost on the way to Sicily, of course. I realize lost luggage is always a pain, but lost luggage on your honeymoon seems to be an especially cruel move on the part of the airlines, which give you the impression they could really care less about tracking down your bags.

At least that was our experience.

For six days, we made repeated calls and engaged the help of countless concierges to help track down our two pieces of luggage from Alitalia. I can't begin to tell you how many stories we were told. The bags are in Palermo. No, they're in Rome. Wait: we don't know where they are. If the pilot doesn't want to fly them to you, he doesn't have to. Maybe you'll get reimbursed for necessities you need to buy, but maybe you won't.

We eventually had to enlist the help of BlueStone Tourism Services in Sicily. The tour design director, Riccardo Mobilia, took it on himself to hound the lost and found folks at the Palermo airport. He personally delivered our wayward cargo to our hotel in Catania, a week into our two-week honeymoon. If our new marriage results in a son, Riccardo is now a front runner in the name department.

BlueStone actually helped us a lot on this trip, which was proving difficult to book from our computer in the U.S. If you're planning a trip to Sicily, I'd recommend enlisting their help. Write Riccardo directly at

Anyway, my husband and I have now taken three international trips together, and each time, our bags were lost. Is this just rotten luck, or has lost luggage become a routine part of airline travel?

If you have a lost luggage sob story, let me know....

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Yes. In Italy, especially Southern Italy, lost luggage is a way of life. I have lived in Sicily for 3 years and now live in California. I am currently writing from my parents in law's house near Agrigento. Of my last 5 trips to Sicilia ALITALIA (the worst company the Pope has ever blessed) has lost my luggage 4 times. That's pretty bad. I don't know what happened the 1 time we received it. Possibly because I flew from Spain direct to Sicily. Anyway, I have been on the phone for the entire week waiting for SEAHANDLING in Milan, waiting for Malpensa lost and found, waiting for Palermo to pick of the damn phone, or waiting for Roma to get their heads out of their a**es. Incredible. I have even asked the ladies at the terminals what I should do next time I travel to Sicily, apart from chartering a submarine they advised I write PALERMO really big on my i had actually said it as a joke. Ok...My wife just got off the phone with a Delta agent in Atlanta that said our luggage is in Palermo and has been for 4 days. I'm gonna go crazy. Good luck to whoever is in the position. In advance next time I will make sure I bother every person in each airport I stop in. Ciao...

My family, twelve of us, and I just traveled to Disney World in Orlando Florida with US Airways. We flew out on Sunday 1/6, and due to Disneys magical express transport system, our bags were to meet us at the resort when we arrived. I NEVER got my bag. The other eleven check-in bags came, but my 47lb. RED luggage did not! I am still devistated, I spent an entire 7 day Orlando vaation without luggage. I can handle a couple days, but now I am afraid I will NEVER get it back. Some of the clothing items I packed are irreplaceable to me. I, like the others, was on the phone nearly my entire vacation, it put such a damper on this once-in-a-lifetime trip with everyone. I was told several stories, not a one matched, and all stories came from the same "helpful" employees at the same 'ol 1-800 number on my claim ticket. I have now filed my lost baggage report including compensation costs, I could not replace it all, but they assure me they are still looking!? It is now 1/17 What are my chances of recieving my bag? Does anyone know, any good ending stories out there? I pray everyday I might see my stuff again, and NOT on EBAY!!! Ugh!

OMG I feel your pain. we flew on Alitalia on 7/28 and when we got to Rome my husbands suitcase with ALL his clothes was missing. He did not get it back till the day he went back to the states on 8/12. No clothes and endless calls by concierge and myself. Not too mention getting into church issues due to shorts. I spent half my vacation on the phone. I would love to get all the people with stories together and do a show about it. Alitalia has horrible horrible service. Even more irritating is what you hav to go through to get some compensation for your misery. 90 before they even respond to you. I would love to put them out of business.

Lori responds: I know what you mean. It's infuriating. We were getting so many different stories, and I simply didn't trust that they'd compensate us for anything we bought, so we made due, barely, with what we had. And since three different carriers took us from Chicago to Sicily, I had no idea which one ultimately would be responsible for reimbursing us, since we couldn't get a straight answer about where exactly the luggage was lost. Ugh!

I have had my luggage lost a few times while travelling but the most memorable case was when I was a kid and I can’t blame the airline. It was my dad’s fault.
We were on one of those classic 70s family vacations -- pack up the kids, gas up the station wagon, toss the baggage up top, and head for Florida.
Somewhere in the mid-south, we noticed people passing us and waving to us.
What nice people out here on the road!
Hey back, y’all!
Only they weren’t waving -- they were pointing. Somewhere between Chicago and Appalachians the luggage had flown from the top of the wagon.
We continued on, spending the week in bathing suits and flip flops bought at a Florida K-Mart. My fashion-horrified teenage sister griped but my brother and I were thrilled with our new alligator t-shirts reading “This Bites!” For my mom and dad, I think it really did.
Winding our way home, my father called every state police headquarters inquiring about a big black bag filled with a family’s worth of beach wear. In Tennessee, we found it. A trucker had spotted our stuff along the interstate and turned it in.
Today, I throw my own family’s stuff on top of our minivan. I always give the straps an extra tug.

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