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Who's been nice to you?

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I know CTA riders aren't the friendliest bunch, what with our unspoken rule about avoiding eye contact at all costs. And Metra riders, while a bit more approachable, will still run you over without a second thought if you're standing between them and that 5:45 train back to the burbs.

But surely, this being the holiday season, someone must have done something nice for you while you were riding public transit.

Maybe it was the stranger who turned in your wallet after you left it on the train. Or the CTA customer assistant who, you know, actually assisted you without getting an attitude.

Whoever it was, share your story here. It might inspire other people to follow suit.

Acts of kindness on the L

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Ever lost something important that a fellow commuter was kind enough to return? Know of a bus driver or Metra train conductor who went beyond the call of duty to help you out?

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