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Del Valle and Bikes

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Earlier this month, the Ride had a story about how the Active Transportation Alliance is hoping the next mayor will further Mayor Daley's work to make Chicago welcoming to bicycles and pedestrians.

At least one mayoral candidate has come forward on this issue -- City Clerk Miguel del Valle. On his campaign-focused Facebook page, Del Valle said he wanted to make Chicago "one of the most bicycle friendly cities in the world."

"Let's make Chicago one of the most bicycle friendly cities in the world," del Valle wrote. "Let's add bike lanes. Let's ensure quality pavement..." del Valle wrote. "I will work with the City Council, the Chicago Department of Transportation, and the Active Transportation Alliance to launch bicycle friendly initiatives. Let's keep this going."

Del Valle says his son is an active cyclist.

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if only our city had the friendliest bikers. Most seem to have a chip on thier shoulder. I hope the next mayor steps up safety law enforcement of cyclists and a tax to cover the cost of bike lanes. It's only fair.

Yep, I agree entirely with chicagobiker. Finally a mayoral candidate who actually expresses a policy objective, this time, re bicycles, to me the most important one of all - and it's spot-on. Miguel Del Valle will get my vote too.
As for the rest of the candidates: stop being so spineless and please tell Chicagoans what your policies are. Why are these (not so candid) candidates so shy?

Thank you for this report.

Please let us know the comments from other candidates.

Please let us know of any candidates who fail to take a position on this issue.


(This may be a duplicate post; I couldn't tell if the first one got posted or not!)

Thanks for the information.

Please contain to post comments from any other candidates.

Please post any candidates who fail to communicate a stand on this issue.

YES!!! This is exactly the type of person who needs to be running for mayor! Glad to see a candidate who is clearly taking a good stand on issues like this. Greats on bikes, great on the environment, great on education-->He's got my vote!

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