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The last Ride Trivia Quiz asked "What Chicago street was named after a 7-year-old girl? Her father became mayor."

The answer is Cornelia, whose grandfather was subdivider Walter S. Gurnee. Gurnee was mayor from 1851 to 1853.

No one got this answer -- but we had some good guesses. Ada, like Cornelia, was named for the granddaughter of a subdivider. Berenice was named for a subdivider's daughter. But neither of those men became mayor.

A subdivider, if you're wondering, is someone who divides land into building sites.

Schweebing Around

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Check out this Reuters video, which shows a New Zealand transportation innovation, the Schweeb, an see-through capsule carried on a monorail. The occupant pedals, bicycle-style, to move it forward. The inventor thinks it's a pollution-free solution for crowded cities. "Schweeb" sounds like a device from a Dr. Seuss story -- as in "... And next came the Mimbys, all riding their Schweebs..." I'd like to try it, but couldn't imagine it here. The state's too broke to fix most of what it has now...

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