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Ride Trivia Quiz Answer

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The Chicago mayor who promoted himself on campaign posters as "Not the Champion Cyclist; But the Cyclists' Champion" was Carter H. Harrison II. He attributed his victory to strong support from cyclists and created a bike path along Sheridan Road.

Several people had the right answer, but Walter Brzeski was first, so I'll be sending him his prize.

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Considering this post is about a cyclist and I have read where your other entries about you and others riding their bikes, I wanted to point out something.

In some of your blog entries, others have commented about the behavior of car drivers and their rudeness to cyclist. Why both cannot share the road or streets together?

Personally, when I am driving I pay attention to little kids - chasing a toy, senior citizens - who cannot walk fast and cyclist(s) - I simply let the person go by, who are on the streets.

Now it is past time to address the cyclist(s) behavior when it comes to pedestrians.

Mary, I almost swung and hit a cyclist because of a defensive reaction. Fortunately nothing happened, but cyclist(s) need to know she / he is to OBEY street signals just as car drivers do. Unless the cross walk is clear, the cyclist cannot come flying by and hit people. Near misses count, darn-nit!! It is not humorous!

To be fair, the first cyclist was able to turn down a street going east before pedestrians were crossing going north and south. There was a second cyclist who ran into people and had near misses trying to keep up with the first cyclist. I did not know there was a first cyclist and definitely was not expecting a second one to do what they did. I do not believe the people walking north was aware there was cyclist(s) coming. Maybe the people walking south did. Not sure.

The gender of the cyclist does not matter, it was the disrespect for pedestrians that bothers me. I am at that age broken bones and bruises take a little lot longer to heal. Matter of fact, I am trying NOT TO BREAK ANY BONES!

Express to your biking colleagues and associates, "If she / he expects courtesy from car drivers, her / him must display the same to pedestrians."

This is still April and we have not hit a string of hot days yet. I do not want to be knocked to the ground nor do I want to knock a cyclist to the ground from an automatic defensive reaction.

Thank you.

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